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English paper piecing

When I first started English Paper Piecing, I had no idea that it would literally change my life! If you are new to this page, it is probably because of the ever so popular Ahhhs. Below you will find my original blog posts when the Ahhhs first began. This page will constantly be updated as I add new ideas, etc. 

English Paper Piecing Resources

Types of templates

(FOR THE AHHHH Hexies I use triangle graph paper. You can FIND IT HERE.)

Basting Methods--hope to illustrate this better with videos soon!

We are now currently working through what some call "Candied" Hexagons.
Around here we call them Ahhhh Hexies. Why?  Read all about it RIGHT HERE.
 Each Tuesday and Thursday I release another design. I will also post them here for you to find:

NEW EDIT:-- THESE ARE the older AHHH blog posts. They are a great place to begin so you can learn how to draw them out. I don't show how to draw them out anymore because by the time you work through these you will know how to draw out the other released ahhhs.

Each of these are due to be released in time but not necessarily in this order, so I have put notated what the item number is if this particular ahhhh is now available for you to purchase on the Ahhh Page.

Hexagon Star

The pointing Star

3--The Columbia

4--The Little Girl's Star

5--The Sliced Hexagon

6--Old Fashioned Wheel

7-- Spider Web

8--Six Pointed Star

9--The Split Star

10--The New World Star

11--The Kite Flower

12--The Espana

13--The Boutonniere

14--Diamonds and Arrow Points

15--The Oklahoma Star

16--The Ozark Star

17--The Eastern Star

18--The Hidden Star

19--The Ozark Diamond

20--Blue Birds

21-- Star Studded Beauty

22-- Arrow Heads

23--Morning Star

24--the Glistening Star

25--Seven Stars

26--Grandmother's Star

27--Moroccan Garden

28-- Morning Star

29--Florida Star

30--Ahlambra Star


32--Modernistic Star

33--Star Pattern

34--Diamond String

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