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Monday, July 25, 2016

It is time to say goodbye

Once upon a time, this blog was my baby.

Once upon a time I would enjoy sitting and creating blog posts that I knew would either make you laugh, or cry, inspire you or even anger you.

Once upon a time it was my passion. This blog. It was.

But God has ways of changing our passion to fit His plan. And our true passion needs to always be His plan, no matter how tough it is.

In the last four years, my life has morphed in so many ways. It has gone directions I totally did NOT wish it to go in. But, (*insert shoulder shrug), it is what it is. And I am ok with it.

I know many of you like to use this blog to see how things are going with Sir Stephen. How he is growing and what he is doing.
Well later tonight I will be updating his blog. He loves to vlog now (video blog) and I will be letting him. At times I might even blog for him..we shall see where it takes us.

I know many of you like to hear about the hubby encounters. I am not often good at blogging about him anymore. And my other blog is far to quiet. So I am going to combine them.

Four years ago we all began a new journey. That journey has had so many roller coasters within it that at times I thought I would just fall off I was so dizzy with emotions. I had support from so many of you... but I drew the most support from my Facebook friends, because that was easier for me.

So, it is time to say good bye on this journey. I will still be blogging. I will still talk about quilts, and Sir Stephen and Jerry and me and all that good stuff...only I am going to combine it all over in one place...  because Hillbilly Quilt Shop is where I am!

Please consider meeting me over there, pretty please? Otherwise, this is a final goodbye.