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Monday, June 6, 2016

A buffet

I figured it out.
 I look at life like a buffet. 

I gotta grab some of this and this and that and that. 
Bucket list? Pfft! 
Who needs one?! No better time than the present!

I feel like I've done it all!
Then I add more.
Funny thing is: I am pretty sure my buffet is more about "life stuff" and less about fun. But I sure have learned alot along the way!

Today I am writing a blog post to EVERYONE.
Family...well Jerry's family at least.
My quilt friends.
My fabric groupies.
My mystery quilt follow-along-ers.
My friends of many years and friends of a few days.

So I am going to be sharing it everywhere. Sorry about that. I just want everyone to know what in the world I am doing now. Because I recently just grabbed me a big ol' slice of dessert off that life's choices buffet!


I have might have added another element to my already weighted work load. But everything I do is all with one goal in mind; BRING ME HOME .

I love my grocery store job.
But the last couple of months I've watched my husband (very slowly) start heading down the hill again. As usual with him, it does start slow. But it kind of picks up speed as it goes. The last week he hasn't been walking much at all. He's sticking to a chair and he's needing lots of rest. He's got multiple issues flairing up and our shoulders are becoming very burdened again.
While he used to be able to help with house work, he just can't at the moment.

So, I have my grocery job, the fabric shop, the quilt design and now I'm starting up a laser engraving business. And a six year old boy.

Wait... a laser engraving business?

You see, there is a certain other company that I used to purchase my EPP supplies from that I just don't feel I can deal with anymore. If you have been watching at all over the last couple of years then you know why. It's just gotten worse.

So I looked into the machine I needed to be able to cut my own papers. Because you know? I like to do my own thing.
I don't like to do what other people are doing. And if someone copies you? Then it is time to move on to something new.

So I researched it and found out that I need a laser engraver to cut my paper pieces all on my own. But once I found out what the machine was, I was in total awe of what the machine can do! Why stop with little pieces of paper??

Here's what you need to do. Google it. Have some fun.
Google the following:
LASER ENGRAVED ACRYLIC( guess how acrylic quilt templates are produced. Bingo!)

That's a good start.
The amazing thing is this.
I've come full circle.

At age 17 I started work in an engraving shop.
I worked there off and on for 20 years.
Did you catch that? AN ENGRAVING SHOP.

Then I discovered quilting.
Then Epp.
Then things happenend and I decided I needed to find my own EPP way.
Then I discovered the laser engraver.
And here I am engraving again!
I have years of engraving experience.
Not so much with a laser. But I am learning it.

In order to learn on my machine I actually started with a little business for Stephen. I wanted something that for when I go set up at craft fairs, he would have his own section to keep him interested in the family business. I never dreamed how well his little business would go over! My goodness, all I did was start a Facebook page about a week ago and he set up a little table in the yard yesterday showing his laser engraved rocks to folks going to the garage sale next door.
Within 30 min he had 5 orders.
He sold 11 necklaces.
Received 4 engraving orders..and has countless folks waiting on me to set up the online shop so they can order!

What does he do?
Well we started this Facebook page called

His logo is of a minecraft ninja mining with a pick axe: 

 I've not listed merchandise for sale yet, but there are sample photos of a few things we have done. In the next couple of days I am going to be posting some special order samples.
I'm trying to decide what platform to use for his web sales. I am in shock actually. I had no idea there would be such a demand for engraved rocks, lol.

But there are so many folks that I've met with laser machines since researching and ALL of them told me to buy the machine and I'll be home within a few months. ALL OF THEM.
So there is this not so little "miracle machine" that can bring me home.
At first I was like "ya right".
But, um, nope. I am pretty sure it can.
Before long I will be able to offer my laser engraving services but I will also be making gift merchandise for sale.

But I also still plan to quilt, because it is my love!
In fact, I have many sewing/ quilting related gifts planned.
So we are squaring things away and we are bringing this momma home.
Soon as we can.
I just ask that you please be patient with me as I try to get my website updating finished.
And my next mystery done.
And my fabric cut for the group.
And learn how to run a laser engraving machine.

I will be tying all of these things together eventually.
I will be making items and hitting the road.
And Stephen and his rocks will be hitting the road with me.


Thank you for continuing prayers for Jerry and our family. Disability is still not approved. I told someone tonight that the government will probably approve it the day they work me into the grave. God has blessed us with lots of extra time with Jerry and I am thankful for everyday. But as I watch him decline again,  I just can't help but feel the urgency to keep driving myself hard until I can come home.

Need a rock?
Need something engraved?