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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A lack of music is in the air

I received the aweetest email from a lady just now and it has prompted me to write a blog post.

I've been so busy in the quilt world, the other blog ( has been getting all my attention. I've been hosting quilt mystery sew alongs and they've been a big hit.
But, I would agree that it is time for an update on how things are going with us.


Jerry is really doing well with his liver. His MELD score is alsmost normal. Which means his liver  doing quite well. His Chrons is not behaving at the moment and he has some other issues but we have plenty of appointments coming up to try to keep an eye on those.

 He recently was able to travel and see his mother. We've been praying for two years now that he could and finally it happened.

His disability is still in limbo somewhere not getting approved.


Amy is 26 now and wishing to start a family of her own. She hopes to get married and buy a house this spring. She is the proud mommy of two fur babies that she spoils way too much. She still works for Hallmark and I have issues with Hallmark. They shut all their other plants down and expect their employees to work mandatory overtime all of the time. They've been told that in May, a mandatory 65 hours a week will be expected. I can't get her to quit...but I'm trying. I won't purchase Hallmark  cards. I used to work there as well. It's not the same anymore.


Seth is 18 and I really have no idea if he has any plans at all. Seth is Seth and I'm not sure of anymore than that. He's a good kid but his not ready to grow up.


Stephen..oh my sweet baby is 6. I hate it.
We don't get to see each other much so our time is precious. Tonight I read the sweetest email from someone who read a past blog post about Stephen and it had me in tears and prompted me to write this. I, of course, had to put Stephen in kindergarten, and with me working mostly evenings at the grocery store, I never see him! But I had to request those hours so that I could work the fabric job during the day. This week I don't even get a day off with him at all. I work both Saturday and Sunday at the grocery store. Tonight is a rare evening off and he begged to fall asleep in my lap " like he used to do." So, I let him. And there he sits putting my legs asleep because he's grown so big but I don't care. I'll sit here and write a blog post until I absolutely have to move him. But I don't want to.

I'm struggling with what to do with Stephen. He's asking to be homeschooled next year. There are pros and cons. We will see what summer brings. A couple of biggies:
1) just a year ago he LOVED music and sat down and taught himself the Imperial March ( Darth Vader) as well as the batman theme song on his keyboard. Now, a year later he hates music. Music class is his least favorite class at school. He says it's boring and wants nothing to do with music. MY BOY?! The child that played violin at age two and taught himself to play songs on his keyboard at age four? That is what school did for him music wise. Tonight was his spring concert at school, he didn't want to go. But he went and that was that.
If I homeschooled he would go back into Susuki music lessons eventually and find his love again. This is HUGE to me and the change in him breaks my heart. We even finally took down his keyboard just last night. Why keep it up? He has a nice one his grandmother bought him, but it's time we put it away until he returns to his music love again.
2) Seatwork. Stephen is just 6 years old. He attends school from 8:15-3:15 basically. Besides lunch and a snack right before he leaves, he gets one twenty minute recess a day. Not morning recess and afternoon recess. Not nap and quiet time. Nope. School. All. Stinking. Day. Now his teacher is great and I'm sure she finds ways to make it fun, but report after report I get from her ( including again tonight after the concert ), was that Stephen ' zones out ' and doesn't keep on track doing his seat work. Really? Hmmm... He's six. He's a boy, and he gets a pile of Seatwork to do every day. GO FIGURE!!.
Most of you reading this will have no understanding of those of us with the homeschool mindset. You just won't get it. But those that do understand know exactly where I am coming from. My son is smart and sweet and doesn't have this big bucket on his head that just needs junk poured into it. As a homeschooler we would learn by doing, touching, exploring, reading. Not siting at a desk with a like of papers to do.


Well lemme take a moment to explain where I am at :


Ms. Hillbilly is busy. No denying that. I work 5-6 shifts a week at a grocery store as a checker. I still design patterns and host quilt mysteries on the other blog. I still have my huge fabric group that is making a comeback in sales.

AND I am getting ready to market a whole bunch of new items that I will be making.

So. Yep. I'm busy. BUT-- the new items, should ' bring me home' so I can quit the grocery store . And I'll be traveling to quilt and craft shoes starting this fall. If Stephen is in school, Then that will mean I'll be leaving him for days to travel, and that does NOT sit well with me. But if he home schools, then no problem. Traveling will be a family affair with lots of learning stops along the way! And THAT my friends really excites me.

jerry has a Masters Degree in education. I'm fairly sure that much of the schoolwork can be handled by him. I'll just oversee it. We might try it for a month later in the summer and see how it goes. No hurt in a trial run.

And now, I must move my big little boy off my lap because my legs are numb. Excuse any typos here. I wrote this in the dark on my iPad.

And to the kind lady offering to purchase him a keyboard...thank you from the bottom of my heart. His grandmother did purchase him one. But maybe we can put our heads together and think of something musical to light his little fire again?
Let's wait til schools out and give him a break from it just a bit. I think by mid June he will be away from school, and back to his old self again rather quickly. I hope. What can I do to make him love sitting down at his keyboard again? I don't know the answer but I will find it.