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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Almost normal

It's just after the New Year and time for an Owens family update: 

We are getting adjusted to living almost like a normal family. Last year at this time Jerry could barely walk, actually was hospitilized last January, he was getting blood tranfusions every 48 hours. He had home health last winter/spring.

By May of last year his hemoglobin was getting back to then he started having verices and vision issues. It was several months of verices surgeries, then started the eyeball shots.

Verices surgeries ended mid summer.

Eyeball shots continue but not as frequent. He has gained some eyesight back but needs glasses. We don't have insurance so our hands are tied to help him with those at this point until we can pay out of pocket.

On Christmas Eve Jerry took a hard fall but he's ok. He has moments where he is sick, needs to sleep alot, and is certainly very very unsteady on his feet..but over all he has stabilized and we are no longer having to run to KU every few days, or even better not even every few weeks. This every few months we can totally deal with!

His disability is still a battle and financially we need us to be on the winning side of that battle.

Overall, Jerry is doing great for Jerry, and that is a BIG RELIEF.


Stephen turned 6 at Christmas and is liking school. He has friends and his grades are good. He did get upset with me that he had to go back to K after Christmas break since he turned six over break. He said that he should be allowed to go to first grade since he's bigger now.

Seth is 18 and is free to come and go as he pleases because he's my kid I can trust. He is gone more than home but I can't say as I blame him. He needs to drive far and wide to be with his friends and so I let him.

Ms. Hillbilly is still working alot but I am enjoying myself. I've totally cut back on media stuff. I don't read blogs at all, I spend less and less time on Facebook (but I am still there for my groups!)..I just try to focus on getting tasks done.

I work at a grocery store. I have to say it is the easiest job (by far) that I have ever done and I need that right now. I can go to work and do mindless beep beep beep of running product across the bar code scanner, and not have much in the way of responsibility. I can chat with folks and just enjoy myself while making a few bucks. (Its only part time, and I so wish I had more hours. I am only getting 16 hours this week. sigh. )

My fabric group on Facebook isn't doing near as well as it used to. I am forced to spend less and less time there, plus the Canadian and Australian dollar have hurt it badly. But it trudges along and I need it to. I am in hopes that it will build back up again before Jerry has another bad season and I have to quit an outside job. To my Ozark groupies: I hope you understand my need to be there less and less. I just HAVE to get my patterns promoted before I take off this spring and need the group and my patterns to carry the family for a good month or so when I do have surgery. So for now I am sewing in every single spare moment! I do miss you all but I just need to finally sew!!

My design business/web site is growing! It is slowly growing but that is ok. It is growing at a speed where I can keep up with it. It is exciting because the website used to get a couple of orders a month and now it gets several orders every single week. I am building the embroidery portion as well, and the Cosmo floss is very popular amongst my overseas friends. Our little town of Osborn doesn't quite know what to do some days when I come up with a new country for them to deal with, but we get thru and our little town of 450 people is getting on the map thanks to my little website!

My Mystahhhhry Quilt Along seems to be a hit, and I have had so much fun with it. You can read more about it on the other blog.

I spent today really thinking what direction I wanted my design business to go in. I talked to Jerry about it and we did some goal planning, then I spent the afternoon working towards that goal. I sent emails and planned things out.

The reason I am really working hard to build my design business is not only because I need to be prepared to deal with Jerry's health issues at the drop of a hat but also because I have some health issues of my own.

I FINALLY was able to purchase my very much needed $200 shoes that my feet need. Since I am on my feet at work, this was a necessity. My feet always hurt very much by end of day but at least they aren't unbearable and the stress fractures on the side of my feet seem to be doing better. So this is a HUGE blessing.

I had a female procedure at Thanksgiving time but sadly the procedure didn't do its job. So, the other reason I am working so hard at trying to build my design business is it looks like I will be off work for four weeks without pay in May (or so ) so that I can have a different female surgery. This scares me. (Not the surgery..the four weeks with no pay) so I am just going to be quiet all over the world right now while I sew my little fingers off when I am not giving my laptop the quilt design and book workout. 


We are very happy!
We love our new home and our new town.
I love my new job, and my opportunity to earn some income without working myself to death.
Jerry is ok for Jerry.
Stephen is a much happier child.
I am getting to sew and to read and to spend time in the Bible (which is very important to me! ).
I am getting fact making it a top priority every day since my hormones aren't working in my favor.

Oh you should see our house. It has become my shop. Its so funny. No one can shop here but its set up for the website, so that orders flow smoothly. I'll show you the house another day. I've rambled enough. I am going back to my design table!

Thank you all for your prayers, concerns and kindness and support in the past three and a half years. I appreciate all of you but I cannot possibly thank all of you individually!