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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grab some coffee, it's catch up time

Since it's been so crazy long since I've written, this might take a bit. But I know you have all the time in the world and are sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting to read all about Owensville, so here's the latest edition. 

Before I begin, let me remind everyone that quilt related posts happen over at Hillbilly Quilt Shop. Blogspot. Com. And let me also tell you that I downloaded the blogger app on iPad today to write this because blogger on browser via the iPad was glitchy and I lost my work twice. I've been working on this post for two hours. But this app is horrible! Still if it lets me get thru this post finally, I'll take it. I don't really care to turn on lights and get to my computer at 3:30 in the morning. Even though doors are shut, Stephen still wakes up as easily as I do and that light suddenly shining under the door wakes him every single time. So I'm sitting in the dark writing this from bed! And have been for two hours. Good grief. Here we go again...please let the third time be the charm! 

Is that coffee ready yet? 

JERRY is still doing quite well for Jerry. He had a recent check up at KU and his Hep c is gone. While he still has cirrhosis of the liver, there fore the liver can't last forever, it is holding its own. He still has days where he sleeps for 24 hours straight but they aren't as frequent as before. He is very unsteady to walk, but I tease him that he's a much better Suzy homemaker than I ever was. His Chrons remains in active and his diabetes probably is his biggest battle at the moment. He struggles with more neuropathy and they are trying to find something to help. Since he has liver disease, and due to his strokes, they are limited on what drugs they can try. But over all, he's doing ok. 

AMY is still engaged and is working lots of mandatory overtime at Hallmark. She's been working 12 hours a day Monday thru Friday and 8 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. They actually let her have this last weekend off so she spent a lot of time with Stephen and I. She will be 26 come spring so I think she plans on marrying by then and starting her family before she gets much older. 

SETH will be 18 in a couple of weeks and he's never home! Not much more than that to share about him. He lives with his dad pretty much full time now. I go to bed at 7:30 in the evening and he's for sure never home by then so he just comes around and visits at times. 

STEPHEN remains our sunshine. He's so different now that we've moved. He's all boy and acts like a real child now instead of a mini adult. He hates..with a firm passion... TV or movies or car travel. Don't even try to drag him to the theatre.  He is the neighborhood social butterfly, playing outside sun up to sundown as long as there is someone around. He still can't entertain himself at all and turns on the whine when his friends can't come out to play. He woke up at six this morning ( thanks time change). So I had to put this blog down and play hide and seek and sword fights for an hour while waiting on the alarm to go off. He's thriving in school. He shocked Amy this weekend by drawing her a picture and writing the word ' volcano' at the top of his page. He's just five, but I think he will be reading soon. He sounds out words really well. He says he doesn't like math because it's too much work. He loves his pets and shares the dog with me, and he also has four gerbils and one goldfish. One large goldfish that is getting a new tank for Christmas. Well really he has nine gerbils but we keep the five girls at Amy's house and the four boys at my house. We hope anyway. Gerbil anyone? 

And then there is Ms HILLBILLY. 

Oy where do I begin? The financial stressors were getting to much for me to take so I went and got a job. I was hired as a tour guide at a pumpkin patch and fun farm. There's tons there for kids to do, including lots of baby animals, corn mazes and hay rides. That's just the beginning. I worked hard to prove myself a good worker, so within a couple of weeks of starting the job I was working 6-7 days a week, doing all kinds of tasks. The hours were Long and tiring but I knew it was short lived so I was thankful for them. That job ended Sunday but it actually led to another job that starts for me tomorrow. I'll be working at a bakery. I need to wake up at 3 a.m. But I'll work ten hour days so I get three days off a week and I'll be home every single evening with Stephen. I just go to bed when he does, and with the time change that's 7:30 p.m which is perfect. 

I'm not giving up on my quilt shop goals and dreams. I'll blog about them over on the other blog as soon as I get this blog posted. 

Physically I'm ok. I have to cancel a certain female surgery because  if I take a month off work then we will lose our home and car. But I'm meeting the surgeon on Friday and we will discuss alternatives. My feet are surviving. They hate Plantar's fasciitis but I try my best to ignore it. I refuse pain meds, and I think the more I move it helps them anyway. For the last six weeks I really cut down my eating and I'm pretty sure I didn't lose a pound. Pfft. Whatever. I'm tired but not bad. Like today...I'm supposed to be reporting in to Facebook right now after taking two days off, but it's quiet here at home. Stephen just go on the bus, Jerry is asleep, the dog is out on her chain for a bit. I am basking in the quiet. I'll write a blog post on the other blog then consider taking myself off my little mini vacation. It was two days off, but let me tell ya, this third day might happen too. We will see. I love my Facebook groups but I'm thinking I could really love being lazy for while today ..for the first time in I don't even know when! I want to sew kitchen curtains and they might just call my name first. 

Well you've probably had three cups of coffee by now. Time for me to go post on the other blog, which I'm excited to do as we planned out my next brick and mortar shop this weekend! 


Terri in BC said...

Hope you stayed away from Facebook for a bit, and got those curtains sewn. As long as you are stressed, it won't matter how little you eat, you won't lose weight, so enjoy your meals until you feel less stressed - you'll cope better as well! Take care, Terri in BC

Rosa said...

Take care and go you can.

Warm wishes.

Tami C said...

How great you must feel that Stephen adjusted so well after the move. Glad you got to spend some family time together! Hang in there!

Sherry said...

I stopped by to check on you and your family and was able to catch up by reading this post. I hope things have gone well since this post was written.