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Sunday, July 26, 2015

No news is good news, new news is great news!

Jerry has been doing so well lately that I've just gone about my business enjoying being able to go about business. He did look awful last night, not sure why. I think he intends to sleep the day away today.

I've been going through my own share of doctor appointments catching up from years of not having insurance. I have found out mostly very good news. Other than my weight which I really struggle controlling even with a pretty much ok diet (my doc says its stress and menopause) , and some bone/ muscle issues and female issues all is good. Nothing big or major wrong at all and blood work looks great!

Now on to the blog post I hinted at on Facebook that people are itching to hear about:


It is just a double wide..but, hey, I have to keep with the Hillbilly theme, you know? It's on a quiet street in a super quiet little tiny town. The town has no shops, a few churches and a school. That's it. Can we say, PERFECT??

The house has a ramp already built so that Mr. no longer has to worry about stairs. The yard is very small, which at first I didn't like but then realized that when we move we give up having our landlord do the yard I decided I will happily take tiny. My business will need a dumpster location and that might be a problem but I'll go work it out somehow.

The garage is oversized and already set up for a man's construction cave. Jerry likes to piddle around in the garage so he is thrilled with this! 

With him taking that over, we had to figure out what to do with my warehouse and business. The house has an entry area that we feel could be used as a nice sitting/reading/ music room:

And since we can use that for a little living room, we decided the large area could become my warehouse, at least for now until we figure something else out:

If you could see the warehouse, you would know this just isn't quite enough space, so we also decided to let it overflow into the Master bedroom; I'll put my desk and sewing stuff in there. I also don't sleep with Jerry...he needs his own "sick bay" space so I'll put my sleeping couch in there.
Here is where the Master is off that living area above:

And so now I will get my very own space complete with a garden tub!

Those of you that know me well, know that our current home is UGLY and I haven't decorated because I have just wanted to move away from this place.
Well just look at the new kitchen that I am thrilled with:

We really do not have enough stuff to fill all those cabinets so maybe I can stuff them with fabric??

Mr. Stephen picked out his bedroom right off the bat. He wanted the smallest room, which works out good. We will probably have to use a floor mattress for Seth when he's around and they will have to share this room, but Seth isn't around too much anymore and doesn't keep too many belongings with us so that shouldn't be a problem. He just keeps his stuff in his car for going back and forth to his dad's house. Or sisters house, or friends house. LOL I give him the freedom to go whereever he wants so that pretty much means he's not at home, so it will be ok they share this room:

Jerry is the one that will have to deal with downsizing to a smaller living place for himself. He's used to the master bedroom all to himself. And the master bathroom all to himself. This will be a big change for him and not sure how he's going to manage, but, if he's going to take over the workshop then he has to give elsewhere, so he gets this room:

And this is the bathroom the male folk all have to share while I just enjoy having a bathroom where NO MEN shall go. Unless they are guests. Then I guess I'll allow. Maybe I'll stick a men's sign on this and a ladies sign on mine? *grin*

This new home will be a downsize in space with a upsize in rent adjustment for our family but we can do it. Most importantly we will no longer have neighbors on the other side of our walls, so we can make noise whenever we want and I don't have to hear them vaccuum at midnight anymore, which is their habit. Or smell their cooking all of the time.
We will no longer have to deal with the issues of this home: Walls that are yellow with years of smoking tenants. A bathroom light that will not come on unless its 50 or below (seriously!) . Wiring that is ancient and fuses that blow constantly.

Our new home will be rent to own and our new landlord seems very nice. Well she must be because she is working really nicely with us about the deposits we just cannot swing. She is going to give us extra time to move in, giving us the keys early so that we can move a bit at a time. And she doesn't mind our dog. Ginger is happy about that.

The home is in the total opposite direction we wanted to move but the doors to it just kept opening so we knew it was 'right'. I cannot help but think that I am supposed to stay in this area to open my shop again someday. Any quilt shop near MSQC is going to do well and MSQC is always super supportive of me. So who knows?

Our next step as a family is to "embrace" the change. We will be church hunting and boy activity hunting.
After I soak in that garden tub.
I'm all about priorities. 


beaquilter said...

great news! can't wait to see the AFTER pics of you all moved in.
and YES, you need a hillbilly bathroom sign..... ;)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice to hear Jerry is feeling ok....

Tami C said...

I'm so happy for you and yours! Will you be closer to your daughter's home? I hope it is so that you'll be closer to her. I'm sure things will go much smoother now that you have a goal to work towards. (((Hugs)))

Susan Morelli said...

Congrats to you and family. A home is how you make it Tonya and I know it will be a great place. Good luck!

Patty@inStitches said...

Tonya - so glad things are going in your direction for a change!
Enjoy your 'new' home and community! Best wishes,

Dora, the Quilter said...

Oh, I am so happy for you and your family, Tonya. I hope this turns out to be *easy* and "pure wonderful" for you all!

QuiltSue said...

What good new great news. You must be so happy about both Jerry and the new house.

barbara woods said...

happy for your and your family

Carla said...

Happy for you and the family and Happy you're happy. Lots of Happy there.
So is Osborn north of Cameron? I tried to determine on the map but never found osborn.
I do hope this move brings you the happiness that you and the family deserve.
Hugs and prayers

Pat said...

Lovely new home, Tonya! I wish you many happy years in it xx

Sherry said...

This sounds like a great home for your family. I wish you peace and calm as you make this move and all of the adjustments involved in it. It has been a while since I have been to visit you and it was good to catch up a little.