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Saturday, May 16, 2015

A day with Stephen

I know you all haven't had a Jerry update in some time, and while there is always plenty of newsworthy things to post about Jerry, I'm not going to. Today is Stephen's day. 

OH WAIT back up! There are a couple of you that have commented that I cannot reply to and they were such nice comments. I really read every single one of them. I have this HORRID habit I've gotten into that I save all my nice emails and blog comments until I have down time to really reply..not like a quick two second response like facebook messages are. But then I save them and never get to them! What has happened to me? That NEVER happened before Jerry got sick, so if you have waited a reply to your super sweet comments I am so so sorry. I've just waited to reply when I can send a nice, well thought out note and..well..hum.... ya. You get it. Thanks though. Some of you sent them on especially challenging days and I really needed your kind words so very much. 

But enough about me and enough about my husband. This time I want to discuss Stephen. 
What would I do without this little ornery angel? 

He IS my sunshine day in and day out.
Yesterday was a particulary hard day on the home front and my job as well.
This morning I woke (after only 2 hours sleep) to more job stress.

I headed to the city this morning to drop Stephen off at his sisters as normal for the weekend so that I could work. But something came up suddenly and she couldn't watch him for me. Which left us already in the city. I didn't want to make the boy ride in the car all the way back home without doing SOMETHING.

So we drove even further, and further.
I was driving far from my facebook job problems really. Best drive I've had in a long time.
We ended up going back to my stomping grounds.

I took Stephen to the music store where I knew the owners. He got to sit down and try a real piano.
He needs one. At least a professional keyboard. Someday.
The store owner sat down with him and spent time showing him how a piano works. What the foot pedals do. She told me he has talent and he's such a gentleman.
My heart swelled.

Then we went to my favorite ever garden nursery. I've never seen another quite like it since moving away. Stephen loves things of beauty and we walked around exploring the many various trees, flowers and fruit. Then he found the rocks. All different kinds of rocks. He wanted some badly but I told them we would have to buy huge bag fulls, that they don't sell them one rock at a time. But I did tell him they wouldn't mind if he could pick out one to keep.
He refused. Said its stealing. But Stephen, instead, on his own, went up to the cash register and asked the man if he could have two little rocks.
The man looked at me in surprise, gave Stephen a sack and told him to go pick out as many as he wants for free for being such an honest little boy.
Stephen only picked a handful. He said it wouldn't be nice to take too many for free.
In the car, you all just would not have believed it.
You would have thought those rocks were clumps of gold. He just kept going on and on about how he loved them, how this was the best day EVER and how he sure was "proud" of that man letting him do that.
The minute he got home he took his three FAVORITE ones and gave them away.
One to me, one to Jerry and one to Seth.

After the garden nursery, I took him to a florist. He loves flowers so and I wanted to just show him around. He actually got angry..that no one helped him buy me flowers for Mothers Day.
So, I went out to the car and got his little bit of money, added a few dollars to it and talked to the owner. I explained how his daddy was really too ill to drive him to a florist or to go to the woods to pick me Mother's Day Flowers.
Wow, that lady was so amazing with Stephen. She took him downstairs to their large cooler and let him pick out three carnations. Then she helped him make a little arrangement with them, wrap them and tie them with a blue ribbon he picked out. Then she took him over to the register and helped him ring them up, I am sure charging him way less than she should have. I was to stay hidden during the entire process. It was a "surprise".
Once he handed them to me I couldn't help it.
All the stress of this week (its been a big one), the only two hours of sleep I had gotten the night before, the incredible sweetness of my boy, the kindness of the lady...
those floodgates opened.
Then Stephen cried because he said he knew I was crying because I was so happy to get flowers from him and he was so happy he could do that for me.
Then the lady cried.
She said he is the sweetest child she has ever seen. I tend to agree.

After a stop at the park we came home and Stephen told his daddy all about his best day EVER.
I am so glad I took the day away with Stephen today.
I wish he would stop growing up.
I'm going to make sure we get lots of days like this.
Just me and my boy.
(His daddy or siblings can come too sometimes.)

Stephen has asked to please begin blogging again. From now on BY him instead of me authoring it.
We will maybe work on one tomorrow.
There is a link to his blog on the side bar.
It's a very neglected blog but it sounds like we are going to change that so please consider following it. I know he would love comments on his posts.


Maria said...

What a fabulous day out with Stephen.. These unplanned days are always the best.

Belinda said...

THAT is what life is all about! And I so often put that kind of thing off due to pressing demands. I hope I will be more willing to do that sort of thing with my grandchildren. God bless!

Unknown said...

Sending prayers and blessings to you, Stephen and Jerry. What a sensitive, intuitive, and thoughtful young man you are raising!! You may be overwhelmed by life and things beyond your control, but your son is completely "in tune" with life and obviously wants to help make life better for those he loves. I would say he is doing a fabulous job and is mature beyond his years.. What a special young man he is and what big shoes he will fill with his love, thoughtfulness and talent as he grows up to be a very special person!! Prayers and peace for all of you.
From Diana in TX

Patty@inStitches said...

My goodness! How much he has grown in what seems like a very short time. Hope things are going better for Jerry, and of course for you. Care giving is so stressful, and demanding of our time. God Bless,

Jacque said...

So good to see Stephen again...oh, my, my keyboard got splattered...I got teary just reading about your sweet boy and your wonderful, memory-filled day. Still praying for all of you. Much love to you!

QuiltSue said...

Sounds like you had a great day together, which I am sure did you both good. Tell Stephen I'm looking forward to reading about his adventures again.

Cherree Buttenshaw said...

Just read you post through tears, Stephen sounds like a beautiful child. I am so pleased that you had a great day together we all tend to forget to stop and smell the roses. I read your blog all the time but am guilty of not leaving a comment, but am praying that your life ( and husband) improves immensely. Love to you all from Australia.

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