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Friday, January 2, 2015

A year in Review: NO WAY!

So many use their blogs at this time of year to post their accomplishments for the last year, their missed goals and their goals for the new year to come.

Not us at the Owens home.

OH by the way, if you are reading this and you are hoping its about quilting..then best head on over to I'll be over there shortly to blog what has been going on in the Hillbilly World. This blog is all about the Owens homestead..especially about my husband who keeps trying to find new ways to kick the bucket but I don't let him.

Yes, I can joke about that! Why? because if I didn't have humor, my goodness, what a mess I'd be. I mean, there are many times over the last, say 4 years since Jerry had that very first stroke that I've been a mess. A real mess. And over all that time, I thought two years ago would have been the most trying on me, both physically and emotionally but nope. This past year certainly topped it! But, this year we also saw so many blessings. Through trials in life, that is when we really see and feel the blessings and the Hand of God, so while it is really hard for me to say, Thank you Lord for those trials, hindsite, I actually can!

Now..enough jibber jabber. Here's the latest news:

Jerry has been on his expensive treatment for a month. The liver will never be healed. Someday he will need a transplant. The doctors are hoping the pills push it down the road a few years. No one knows. They've never had a case quite like Jerry since this is a brand new medication, so everyone is just waiting and watching.

Jerry is getting up and moving around more. His mind is more clear and he is no longer yellow. He does have very frequent nausea and his gut continues to be enlarged. We have to be careful of leg swelling as well. He is still not able to walk distance, he coughs and chokes all of the time.

He has to go in and have his arteries checked that run between his heart and his liver. They fear blockage and need to see how bad it is. I don't know when this procedure will be, they had one scheduled for during that short time span when he had no insurance, so he couldn't have it done.


I am doing much better. My little store allows me quiet time to actually get work done. Lots of work done. Even if customers never come in it is so nice having office time without guilt..because at home it just doesn't work that way. I am not all on edge anymore, and we've settled into a routine. I like routine.


Stephen is a goof ball and still our angel. He just turned 5 and his greatest desire on any given day is to go spend the night with his sister.


Seth is 17 and driving and not chasing girls. He's a homebody.


Amy will be 25 soon and maybe will have wedding bells this year. Who knows?  She has two dogs that are her babies, but she keeps Stephen at her house once a week so I can work a long 15 hour day of cutting fabric for filling orders.


To my friends; I am sorry I once again did not send out Christmas cards or wishes. During the last two weeks I took a LOT of downtime away from media. I just wanted to be with my family. I am sure you can understand why. We didn't do a lot out of the ordinary, but yesterday on New Years I had some time alone on an outing with all three of my children and we had a great time. We went and played laser tag, as well as went thru a mirror maze. It was nice just pushing worries aside and having fun. I am trying to find more time with Amy, because we have settled into a routine of her just watching Stephen and never having mom time. So, while we do drag Stephen along with us, we try to find time to go shopping. We went to Ikea. Not sure I want to do that again..she had us there for FOUR HOURS! lol!!!

I hope over the next year to blog nothing but good news about Jerry, but I remain ready: come what may.


Belinda said...

I think it was a good thing for you to focus on your family during the holidays. And I'm so glad your little shop is giving you some joy.

Pat said...

I'm glad to hear the Jerry is on some form of treatment - and that you are enjoying your little shop.
I wish you all the best for 2015 xx

QuiltSue said...

Great to hear from you, and good to hear Gerry's improved a bit.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

beaquilter said...

lovely designs Tonya, still praying for your family :)