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Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's quiet

I've told you before that when the Hillbilly starts going and getting all quiet, then there is usually an underlying cause. I have had friends asking for an update, and there are so many praying for us that I really should give you one, so here goes:

Concerning Jerry:
He is sick. His liver is quite enlarged now (can be seen even through his clothing), and just over the last couple of days, especially tonight, is painful. His Chron's is starting to spiral so tomorrow he is going to call several docs on his medical team and see about getting seen next week. On top of all his other problems his sciatic nerve is hurting him!

Sadly, he was supposed to go on a men's retreat this weekend. Someone sponsored to pay for Jerry and Seth to go. Jerry may have to say no, he will decide in the morning.

Concerning work/finances:
As of Monday, FMLA runs out so Jerry can be fired at anytime. This means he will lose his insurance. Cobra insurance is $1500 for Jerry. Talk about impossible. So?? We've heard no word on disability other than he has a case manager so we have NO idea what is going to happen. He may actually have to switch away from KU due to insurance. Did I say something about scary?

While none of us like to think about it..we have to. If Jerry loses his job, he will lose his life insurance. I no longer have a cushion to carry Stephen and I a few years until Stephen is a bit older if Jerry decides to walk the Golden Streets.

Money has me scared silly basically. I cannot make ends meet anywhere. How one lives on about $1000 a month is beyond me; but we are making an entire family live off of it; including a ton of meds. Sadly we have had to drop a couple of meds that I just cannot afford to cover.

(gosh I hate sharing this stuff and hope if you are just here for the quilting will stop now and go to my Hillbilly Quilt Shop blog and never visit this one again because it's become a journal of our journey with my husband's multiple illnesses and health issues. )

As for the Hillbilly....
I keep just trying to do everything I can!! I am TRYING to work as much as I can but also taking time to rest. Like tonight, its not that late. When I hit publish, I am off to bed. I had this high hope of my little shop carrying us through but after we just found out that he will probably lose his job and insurances etc, I don't know that the shop will do a thing to help, but I have to at least try, right?

Bless Stephen's heart, he loves the shop and can't wait for a visitor to come. No one has yet. They will my sweet boy. Stephen saw his daddy's tummy sticking out and all hard tonight, and got tears in his eyes. He knows all is not right with the world. But then, he has never known life to be any differently since Jerry has basically been sick his entire life.

A note to my Facebook world:
 I just wanted everyone to know in my group and such why I am so quiet. When things get tense, I get quiet. It's how I deal with it. So thanks for your understanding. I know so many of you have helped us out and I appreciate it so much.I just need a couple of days to deal with the latest (loss of job and insurances and Jerry's very visible declining health)  then I'll be back like normal, ok?


beaquilter said...

Oh so sorry to hear this, I'm sure your store will be great and surprise you -income wise :)
How is your health too btw?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Sorry to hear the bad news. As for insurance and life insurance, sometimes you can keep them after you are no longer employed. Go to your church and ask if they can help financially or know of someone that can. Look for food banks to help fill in the gaps. That is why they are there. Good Luck my friend, I think about you and your family everyday.

Jan said...

I worked with a disability attorney with over 90% successful cases on winning disability. You only paid from your past due settlement. Have you spoken to anyone like that for Jerrys disability? I could give you their contact info. They are in NY and I am in you don't have to be near them.

QuiltSue said...

I just don't know what to say, except I am so sorry, so that's all I will say. I am so sorry for all of you.

Melody said...

Tears for you, I know it can be so difficult when dealing w/ life and death! praying for a miracle for your hubby's health, for you boy as he grows up faster then her should and for you as you gracefully sail through life's challenges. Yes contact the caseworker or attorney, can't remember if it is SS you are talking about but if not apply now for SSDI,and allow your Church to carry you, that's what the body of Christ is for!
Prayers for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tonya, so so sorry to hear of all this. You have my tears and my heart. I wish I were closer to help you out. I'd love to work at the store with you, or at least be a shoulder for you. I'm sending love and healing energy your way every day. Please take care of yourself. Blessed be, tons of love and hugs!!! Pam

Jacque said...

Take all the time you need....we will be praying while you are quiet. And we'll be here when you return. Much love to you, my friend....