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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Feels like home!

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Guess what? Monday we decided to make things like old times and visit Libery Hospital. The ER is so nice there. It's like Jerry is flagged in the computer or something because they just always scoot him right past triage and into a room, with a mound of people hooking him up to machines and such before you can blink. The doctor agreed with what I had been wanting for two months...Jerry needs to be in the hospital. What he didn't agree the whole Liberty Hospital thing. They scooted him out the door, and transported him to KU. figures.

Now don't get me wrong, with the exception of the ER I like KU. Well I dont like paying for parking everyday. And the gas to get there. And the drive through downtown Kansas City. But it is what it is.

Jerry will be in the hospital most of the week I think. Initial findings are that for sure his liver is causing issues but that is not the problem in its entirety. Now they are trying to find just what that problem is. Because he is weak and because they know his liver is causing some problems it sounds like they might cancel the biopsy. It's an unnecessary risk when they already know it has issues. If they cancel he can get back on blood thinners which will reduce stress on his bride. Sounds like a plan.

Today the cardiology team is being called in to see if they can find the problem. He'll have his arteries and such checked.

I am taking a certain little boy to see his daddy today. Something sad happened in Stephen's life yesterday. He started pronouncing "th" as opposed to "f" in place of "th". Sigh. My baby is growing up. I liked "Darf Vader" and other such cuteisms.

Speaking of a cute little boy, he has woken up. Not really a good thing as I was supposed to get shipping done this morning. I didn't stay up last night like I should have. Kicking myself the minute I heard little pitter patters above me.

I'll update the next time I know anything.


beaquilter said...

praying for your family :)

wouldn't darf vader be instead of the "f" then?
I've heard the "F" be substituted for "tr".... not really good when it's a BIG moving vehicle being named ;)

Belinda said...

And your saga continues....but we are all still praying. :)

Cathie Brown said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Tonya. You know our love is with you guys always x

MICHELLE said...

Thinking of you and yours.

Tami C said...

Thanks for the update Tonya! Will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers! ((Hugs))

QuiltSue said...

Thinking of you all.