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Monday, July 28, 2014

A day away

Yesterday I grabbed up my little guy and we took a day away from all the mess of sickness and work. We just had a fun day. Him and I. Do you know that 4 year old boys make awesome date partners?

I am going to let him tell you all about it later today. He is sleeping in way later than normal. I guess our day wore him out. Dont miss his story later over at The Adventures of Stephen blog.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ain't no shame in it

I finally figured out how to get the personal stuff concerning my husband that wonderful people all around the world are waiting to hear away from my business blog.

This will now be my personal blog and

will be all business. Yay! (it took me long enough to come up with that smart thinking, huh? ) So if you want quilt designs and stuff...Go there! if you want to hear about Jerry or other life matters, come here :)

Now that being said, I have a bunch of people waiting to hear what is going on with Jerry so this is the easiest way to get the word out and thank everyone who has supported us in prayer and those that have shopped over at Ozark Fabric on facebook patiently waiting when I am slow to ship due to not being able to work, etc.

For those that don't know, Jerry has been feeling very sick again. I mean to the point of lots of missed work and tons of worry on his wife. (that would be me -- the worry wort). We've been going to doctors and getting tests. Today we found out what is PROBABLY the case. (Wont know for sure until we get a biopsy on his liver in the next couple of weeks. )

Background: in 2001 Jerry had colon cancer. During this time he had blood transfusions and contracted Hep C. Now Hep C is always one of those things that people shush shush don't talk about but, seriously, where's the shame in getting a blood transfusion?? So fast forward to today...

For the last two years Jerry has been on medication for his Chron's which affect the liver and can aggravate Hep C. Well guess what? yep. Its all aggravated. His ultrasound showed his liver and his spleen are enlarged.

Jerry's symptoms match liver disease symptoms:

Extreme fatigue
itchy skin but not dry
and some TMI we wont mention.

Couple this with all his other problems from Chrons and thyroid disease..well no wonder he has been very very sick. His Chron's is flaring a bit but they can't treat it due to his liver.

So... the next steps.

He gets a biopsy in the next couple of weeks (no date set yet.)
Then after that it actually takes two months to even get the treatment started. There is ...get this... a waiting list! And they also have to have time to fight the insurance company. One of the two pills that he will be taking every day for 12 weeks cost $1000 a pill. So...the insurance companies don't like that at all.

Once he finally gets to start he will be treated for 12 weeks. Success rate is 93% that after treatment his Hep C will be cured.

When mentioning the fact that he misses TONS of work with all his health issues and asking if we should consider disability..the answer was NO WAY if he wants this pill. So... for the next say 5 months he has to go to work a sick man and life will be tough for the hillbilly home because the rest of the time..he sticks to bed.

But..there is hope that there is an end in sight for at least this health issue. So he can focus on all the other ones.

Understanding, of course, we don't know a total for sure about any of this until he gets his biopsy.

Hillbilly (that's me) is happy to have answers. I was so scared about his liver. You always hear when it goes..well then you know. And we didn't know if he could be treated due to his other stuff. But he can so.. RELIEF!!!!!!!!!

Thank you my friends. You've supported us well.