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Saturday, September 7, 2013

moved and ready!

Ok, the website portion of our warehouse is moved and ready to go. I will not be moving the fabric until I offer it to my facebook group at reduced prices first. This would be less expensive than shipping it all out!
So in the future I think the website will be more Ahhhhs, notions and ribbon focused. I get a lot of ribbon orders from there.

August ahhhhs are ready to ship. My friend will be shipping them from Washington State. I'll have 'spare parts' such as 3" triangles and things like that ready later this weekend.


As for personal life, way busy as usual. Hope to chat soon.


Terri in BC said...

Welcome back! I hope you still plan on carrying Jason Yenter fabrics as well, you just got me addicted! PS: Just sent you pictures of my AHHHH project - hope you like it!

elliek said...

My latest AHHH's arrived safely. Still working on the other project. Hugs all round