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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hillbilly Mojo

Hey Y'all!!

I am finding my Hillbilly Mojo again. Now I am tellin ya for sure I dont really know what Hillbilly Mojo be bein'. Mojo is one o' them city folk like languages I pick up along the way har and thar.

Best thing I can describe it like is a young jack donkey, when the sun warms up sky and the snow commences to melt off o them hills...and he gets a look see at a perty little jill donkey, and he starts kickin his hills up and dancin' a jig.

Well thar be a portrait of Hillbilly Mojo.

Now I am still just a glipsin at the sun warmin things up a bit, not quite ready to kick the heals. Hubby is feelin better than he has in a coons age, my Washington Princess has taken over the website, including a countin and a packagin them ahhhhs, and my pretty little daughter has taken over all choppin and dividin of the fabric shop goods. Hillbilly Jr has started preschool, just 4 hours a week but that thar be breathin' space is what that are.

I still spend many a hours at Ozark Fabric but I also have...are you ready? One of them thar callous' formin on my finger again. I cant be very well takin a photo and showin you cuz it would be another one of them thar city folk stupid words if I held it up to ya.

Now I know I need to be answerin some emails. I am goin to make me a schedule. Yes sirree, and them emails will get answered from hence to forth, I be assurin ya that!

Now finally, I want to thank those of ye that have stuck around and sent me a comment on occasion when you felt it in your gut that Hillbilly needed a hug or a line. Cuz, I be tellin' ya. I do have lots of new friends over on the fabric group but I be missin my old ones and our little talks and the inspiration (hillbillies do be knowin big words ya know.) that ya all be providin'.

Well it be high time i quit jawin'. I'll let Jed be givin' ya some kick yar boots up music.


Belinda said...

You sound better and better Miz Hillbilly. :)

Linda said...

Well you are sounding like your old self again! Woohoo, I like it :)

KatieQ said...

Glad to hear you've got help to take some of the load off of you. Is Stephen happier with preschool than his last experience? Jerry is always in my prayers as are you and the rest of your family. It's nice to hear some good news about his health.

Pat said...

So glad to hear things are on the up for you. Have missed our little chats. *hugs*

Carla said...

I do reckon all the turmoil and sickness be messing with yer mind.

So glad you be kickin up yer heels some these here days.