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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

closed for the weekend.

Just a really fast note...

I have the quilt shop closed ( or will in just a bit) until I can get my paper pieces, ahhhhs and notions moved to their new warehouse. I know that you've not seen ahhhhs all month and its time for them to release. Just give us a few days to get them settled in their new home. 

I will show you the August release soon. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big changes, big grins!

I've had a couple of emails asking why I am so quiet. Lets see if this helps:

And this:

NO we are not moving. Just my fabric warehouse. Its moving a very very far from me. In fact I am kind of jealous because it gets to move here:

Well, maybe not that EXACT location...but Port Angeles anyway. So pretty!

You have heard me talking about 'my Princess'. My right hand man. My do anything for me partner in fabric crime.

Well we have decided due to upcoming things happening in my life that we need to switch roles. That is the beauty of Internet business. I have never met her in person. I wont be anywhere near my fabric. But the fabric hoarders enabling marches on no matter where my fabric is located. I spend way too many hours dealing with shipping and way too much money paying people to cut fabric for me. And my space is so limited. I have so many customers..that I have over 100 mailing boxes sitting here. We cant get in and out the door hardly. Its just gotten ridiculous. A good ridiculous but still crazy to make my family deal with this. So..I am fixing the problem with a HUGE sale and then a big move.

(Ozark customers...don't freak out and ask for shipping yet. I have TONS of in stock fabric I am still trying to sell off before we move the warehouse. I will take in the Yenter prebuy but then starting next month I'll have most shipped to Washington. Its really ok that you have boxes at both places. Its kind of like shopping from two quilt shops and I KNOW you all do that!)

I will keep all my Yenter in stock fabric at my home, and that as well as notions and ahhhhs will be available on the website. As well as book kits when the book comes out.

You dont know about the book.
That is the itty bitty HUGE news I've not been telling you but that I am ready to tell you now.

(I had to pinch myself first to make sure I wasnt dreaming.)

Next year I should have not one but TWO book releases.
One around the beginning of Feb and the other around September.
I even have book plans for after those two but I am trying not to get ahead of myself.

What type of books? No not childrens books. Many of you remember my old blogging days and know that I love to write and many have encouraged me to write childrens books. Maybe someday. Lets start with quilt books though...would that be ok with you?

I am not going to say anymore other than that is why I NEVER show you projects,( book secrets!) and the books are about English Paper Piecing.

With the move of the warehouse in September, I should have more time to devote to blogging but school and book projects come first. Plus Ozark will still keep me pretty busy. And counting ahhhhs. I am forever counting ahhhhs. Want to come count ahhhhs with me? I need to count some today for an order in fact.


Jerry is doing Fabulous!!!
Better than he's been in a year!
They adjusted some medicine a couple of weeks ago and the difference is night and day. He'll always have up and down moments, but he's DOING things again. ( I think he is sick of his bedroom. He hasnt even been watching much tv. You all know how I HATE tv so I am so happy with that change!) 
 I've had way more time to breathe lately. I've been able to spend alone time with the two older kids while Jerry watches Stephen. Stephen has become a total Daddy's boy and really wants not a lot to do with his mommy when his daddy is home. They have been building things and playing ball, going to the park and going swimming. ( I am not too jealous. I get him during the day still and I am starting to back off from Ozark enough that the day time belongs to school and boys. So he gets lots of mommy time. )

What this all boils down to is this:

Hillbilly Tonya is grinning again.
Big grins!