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Monday, July 8, 2013


So tell you HATE Y seams, or do you love them?

I have only tried a couple via the sewing machine and actually enjoyed the challenge. I was going back and forth working between stars and convergence if you will remember way back a year ago before SOMEONE who shall remain nameless, decided to up change everything on us.

Anyway, the Y seams..I kind of like them. Mainly because I LOVE star quilts.

Now when doing EPP..those pesky Y seams suddenly are a piece of cake. mmmmm I love cake. Especially with lots of icing. We dont make cakes around here. I need to go crash a wedding. Have you ever crashed a wedding just to get a piece of cake? Ya, me neither. I doubt I ever will. Its a fun thought though.

Dont you love how thoughts in your brain chase one thing, then another, then another?

We were discussing Y seams. How about these? Yep, Piece of cake!

Ahhhh 49
Y Seams 

I wont actually enter this on the website until the end of the week. I need to figure out the newsletter program to email you Ahhhh buyers. (its a new program I've not tried yet). There are going to be a few changes to prepare to be able to sell wholesale and I need to discuss them with you.
If you do purchase ahhhhs now, or plan to in the future, you are going to NEED to register as a customer on the website.

Ok, I will just be honest with you (cuz it is faster than figuring out a new program). I am going to have to up my prices to be able to sell wholesale, but you all as my original customers need to be able to get original prices. So I need to apply discounts to all of you when I change prices. In the future, if you are registered, you will receive a discount on all Ahhhh pieces, starting next week when the prices go up. It all equals out in the end.
Thanks for your patience and growing with me!


KatieQ said...

I do not like Y seams so I avoid them at all costs.
My son is getting married in August. The only thing I am looking forward to at this wedding is the cake. It better be good.

elliek said...

I like Y seams better now I know how to do them and the AHHH Y seams are easy. Like the new one. Let me know how I register to get my AHHH's. Think the postie ate my last lot... cake would have been better!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...