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Monday, July 1, 2013

Well, that didnt work...

20% off ALL fabric and ribbon

Use coupon code:

why am I doing this? because I am used to fabric bolts selling out within 24 hours--48 tops. (SERIOUSLY they do! You have to see it to believe it.) Time to move the fabric out of the website and back to the facebook group. I have 1,100 buyers in there. It just works better for me. So help me clear it out! (live and learn, right?)

The website will still have ahhhhs, notions, and maybe books, patterns. I will have to ponder that.

SO you have ONE week to use the above coupon. Next Sunday I will remove it all for the fb group.

AHHHH buyers: Your ahhhs are ready in the shop but please remember that shipping might take a few extra days. Thank you!

1 comment:

Belinda said...

Probably because most of your buyers are on your facebook page. If you could get the word out to others, you might have been able to sell more. It's a good deal, and I would certainly take advantage of it, but I'm on a buying freeze right now. :(