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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Peak a boo! ( and the Moore quilts)

I see you!

That's what I wish I could say to myself. My old self. I just had someone tell me how they loved my blogs from way back when. Gosh can't you remember when I LOVED writing them? I would carry around a notebook for ideas. I would go to bed at night and then jump up and write some more.

Then there was Stephen's blogs. I really really miss them.

I guess I am feeling a bit down today. I think I used to be almost a Hippie Hillbilly. (Lol I need to change my name to the Hip Hillbilly!!!!) I have always been so laid back and just let things happen. They are going to happen anyway. But now I feel like I HAVE to work really hard at making things happen how they need to happen.

WAIT! Peek a Boo!!! I actually did some sewing last night. Til 2 am in fact. Hey I usually work til then so it was AWESOME to sew instead. I cant share my projects just yet. Wait for it....


Man I really like the name The Hip Hillbilly. Why didnt I think of that before all my logos were finished?


Ahhhh prices have all been changed. I lowered most of them. Yep. I couldnt do it. I could not up the prices to make them a good price to offer them as wholesale. Once I got them all done and sat back and looked at the new prices I cringed. I just could not have those prices showing up on my website.So I said forget wholesale and I lowered them all. That's what a Hip Hillbilly will do for ya!


I have SO MUCH FABRIC I need to sell. My basement looks like some kind of fabric mill or something. I will be working on listing more on the website this week.


Here are the Moore quilts on the design wall. I am currently begging the Ozark fabric group for volunteers to sash and  piece some of them together. But you can see some sort of an idea before I mail them off to their next destinations. The center of each has a name of one of the little ones that died at Plaza Towers:


Belinda said...

Hello Hip Hillbilly. Nice to meet you. :P

Beth said...

May I call you "hip" for short??!!

Thank you for arranging the quilts for Moore. It is neat to see what everyone created and how great they look together.

elliek said...

Hip Hip Hurray. Love the Hip Hillbilly! The Moore quilts look great, such a variety of blocks and I spied mine in there so they arrived safely. Such a great thing that you are doing.

QuiltSue said...

Hiya Hippie Hillbilly. Love that name. I think we all go through phases where it seems like nothing will happen unless we force it. I've found that trying to make myself relax at these times is useless, so now I just go with it, and eventually I get to the other side where I can relax again.

Pat said...

I remember the old blog style, when we both had all the time in the world to write and create, laugh and play. Things have moved on a bit, haven't they. Sometimes I look back in nostalgia too. Fingers crossed easier times will come again soon. xx

Carla said...

So while you can't change all your logos we can nick name you the Hip Hillbilly.
I enjoy reading whenever I read...your blogs.