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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Power Posting

I think if I would have posted any blog posts this last week it would have been hurried, short, and not very fun. I would have had to "power post" and I am tired of doing that. Its been almost a year for the roller coaster. I am ready to stop power posting. So I will post when I can post like I used to. If that means ahhhhs wait a day or two, its ok, you buy them all at once anyway :)



This man kept me busy this past week. He had two heart tests and two scope type tests. Guess what? All is good! His heart is in good shape, his Chrons is behaving itself. Last week he had CT scans and his neck has some artery issues but is fine and they arent going to do anything about it right now. He has been very tired lately and even missed a bunch of work again, so the mystery is on to see why he's not feeling the best, but I think all those meds he takes and gets off of and on and back and forth can have a big role in that.



Seth is, well...hmmm... not much different. Hes HUGE. Thats what he is. I called him "Monster" when he was little. Guess he's growing into it.

Stephen loves trains and music and pirates. Not much change there, huh?



Busy. Crazy. Not getting to sleep as much as I would like. But blessed. Very blessed.



This is the end of the month. Due to the fact that I was gone 4 days in a row this last week, they are a bit late getting to the website. They will be ready to purchase by the end of the weekend, club packs included.

#47 Beloved. 
I had quite the time naming this one. When I look at it I see the Christ Child in a manger. (middle is the Babe, top is the halo, bottom is the manger legs crossed), but others didnt see what I saw. LOL guess that is nothing unusual. Still, I picked my own name this time.

# 48 Whirly Gig

My good friend, Jill, named this Ahhh and she is currently in the hospital. I think it is her turn to name an ahhh and I love the name she chose!
Get better Jill!


elliek said...

Glad that the news was good from the tests. I can see where you are going with Beloved and whirly gig is apt. Take care of yourself. Hugs

Belinda said...

Thankful Jerry's news is good!!!

I saw the manger just as you described it. :P Love the name.

Yes, Jill deserves to name an AHHH, and I hope she is improving.

beaquilter said...

good news all around, I emailed Jill for her address, as I deleted your email by mistake....
I totally see the manger.

Carla said...

I hope they figure out what's up with Jerry but Meds definitely create havoc on the body.

Take care of yourself.