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Friday, June 7, 2013

Life/blog/mobile/ahhhh 42

I know many of you have switched to mobile for almost all of your internet usage. Phooey, even I have and I never said I would. But I do observe some things and wonder if any of you feel the same:

1) I dont like reading blogs/websites/ mobile. It drives me insane, having to move around from this app to that, pinching screens, scrolling out. Things looking different.

2) I dont like reading emails because then I forget things that I need to do for people later.

3) My business on facebook is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is open 24/7, messages all day and night. I mean THOUSANDS by weeks end and that is no exaggeration. And I am talking messages, not notifications. So even though I dont like using mobile for the is a complete necessity for me.

Having said this...when am I on the laptop? Not often. Usually I have my eyes glued open or something because it is late night blogging or shipping. So I have been feeling quite guilty that I have not kept up with your blogs but I just have to figure a way to put that guilt away. Then I have to start putting away the guilt for not replying to comments in a timely manner.

Does it help if I tell you that I NEVER watch tv, I NEVER read books, I RARELY sew? Truly, I dont. I dont teach Stephen school anymore ( I find such joy in teaching so this is sad). On the other hand I have GREAT help running the fabric shop. It could run itself without me (thanks to said helpers) if I needed it to.

Here at home Jerry is going down that side of the hill right now. (he will always go up and down.) He has been off work for two weeks straight as of today. They are trying to find the cause of his strokes plus he just really does not feel well again. He is very weak. This month is going to be full of tests so they can get to the bottom of whats causing his latest health issues (not counting the strokes).

So just hang in there and know that I really do wish I could read your blogs. But I just can not for the most part. Not yet. May for Me? ha, guess you know why I was not involved this last time around. If I was though, my ME would have been all about my family. That is what I miss most of all. Family time hiking in the woods, school, geocaching, cooking up some crazy crafts, piles of books to read to Stephen. I just realized I've not been to the library since last August. Has it really been almost a year since the Hillbilly Homestead changed so drastically? I guess so.

Well I am rambling. Kind of feels good to blog like I used to, instead of typing as fast as I can to meet a deadline. Maybe this is exactly where I should start, so that I can find ME again. Because I still feel like the ME I knew a year ago is GONE. Poof!


Ahhhh 42
Hole in One
Level: Beginner


elliek said...

So sorry that Jerry is going down that hill again.Frustrating for you both. Thoughts and prayers for you for the coming few weeks. Hugs

Janet said...

You have a difficult row to hoe, but do it so well.

Dorian said...

Hugs Tonya, I'm sorry life is such a roller coaster for you and family right now. I pray it will straighten out again for you all. On the other hand, I'm so glad that your fabric business is doing well, so you have what you need :)

Belinda said...

We understand. Truly. :)
Love the Hole in One. I might have to try that one....eventually. I don't seem to have time to do any hexies lately. Gotta fix that.

beaquilter said...

sorry about hubby...
also commenting here to see if I come up as a no reply blogger too, I got lots of comments lately from no repliers.

Carla said...

I hate when I try catching up and now I'm behind as usual and I read that Jerry is not feeling well again. I can't even begin to imagine how you do it all. Hell I can't even keep up and I'm the one who don't feel perky because of the meds but I know they're working and in time I get off them.
Anyway hang in there and know people are thinking and praying for you and the fam.