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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


You know all these little terms that everyone uses for texting, etc. Things like LOL and ROFL and idk. Well I am in an idk moment. I have no idea what to name the next ahhhh and the group has a bunch of names picked out. I dont know which to choose. I am sort of hoping it will hit me by the bottom of this post...


JERRY had a couple of tests. Just the beginning of several for this month. His left hand is sadly damaged from stroke. They were hoping carpal tunnel as that was an easy fix. Not so much now. The guitar will remain dusty. :(

He also has some artery issues in his neck; this is causing the stroke issues. They are going to leave it as is and keep him on blood thinners as long as his crohns is behaving.


I am trying to get things posted to the new website. Fabricy, sewingy things. They are not selling themselves sitting around my house. Plus with Mr. Hillbilly off work for 3 weeks we could kind of use to sell them. So the beginning has been posted.

Ribbon is now available RIGHT HERE
More fabric including clearance and fat quarters, buttons and patterns on their way as I keep lighting a fire under myself


Here we go, what do I call this thing?

Ahhhh 43
The Waiting Room

Difficulty: Beginner


elliek said...

Wonder why you called it that????? Sad that the damage is stroke and not easy fix. Hugs

Pat said...

Sorry to read Jerry's news. Keeping you all in prayer xx

Jacque said...

Prayers going up here in you, girl!

Sunnybec said...

Hi Tonya just catching up on a few blogs. As you know we are away (nearly 6 weeks now Eekk) so haven't been able to get on internet much. I am so sorry to hear Jerry isn't well again, I hope they can sort him out soon and give him (and you) some good news... you both must be exhausted. Take care. Linda xx