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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fresh Fat Day Monday

Want some fresh fat??

NOOO not that kind of fat! 

I am talking about the 18" x 22" fat quarters you can get over here at

Hillbilly Quilt Shop
And want to know the best part?

Every single Monday is Fresh Fat Day Monday, where I will update with at least a dozen new fat quarters.
AND.. all my fat quarters cost only

$1.50 Each!!!


Pat said...

Glad its not the first kind - I have enough of that :) x

beaquilter said...

woohoo for FQs will you bundle them too? I like THAT 6 or 12 together

Belinda said...

Sounds tasty.:P

Tami C said...

I'll be watching for Fat Day Mondays!

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Carla said...

I need to remember that next Monday. ;o)
If you had been talking the other kind of fat I can share mine. ;o)

Hope you're having an awesome day!