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Sunday, June 9, 2013

And here's the fix:

Ok you want to know the TOTAL weird thing?

So several of you that commented were no reply bloggers..that didnt use to be no reply bloggers. I know because I've replied to you before.

Well guess what? A friend found the solution for us!!!

If you use google plus (because if you are like me you thought maybe they would come out with something cool for it but they havent yet that I can see)

YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS LINK and get your profile fixed:

Now tomorrow while sitting at KU Med Center all day long...I can read blogs :)
(or chase Stephen which is more likely)


grannyanne said...

Thanks so much! I went to the link, and did all the steps. Yippee! Now I will receive comments! It always seems to be something

elliek said...

Good luck in the morning.Will be thinking of you all. Hugs

QuiltSue said...

Thanks. I have a friend who has been no-reply and didn't mean to be. I realised it was something to do with using Google+, but couldn't find anything on how to change it. I've now sent her the link.

Good luck at the hospital.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Ah, gotta love when the magic wand comes out!!

Old Cedar Knoll Farm said...

Tonya, yesterday after you told me I was a no-reply blogger, I went to my blog and disconnected Google+. Am I still a no reply blogger?

beaquilter said...

thanks for the link, I posted about it too