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Friday, June 21, 2013

An Interesting Week

You know, the Hillbilly Household is far from boring. Rather we enjoyed an ER visit. (no worries, Mr. Hillbilly just needed some extra drip juice. That happens sometimes with Chron's.) Guess what though? Big city hospital tried to take these and throw them in the trash!!! 
UM NO!! I walked the three blocks back to the car to save my beloved babies. Who wanted to spend the day stitching while sitting in a hospital room in a hard uncomfortable chair with nothing else to do anyway?


Hillbilly Jr is trying to grow up to  make his momma hillbilly proud. We will be dancing a jig in anytime now...lookie! (stephen fans I have made a vow to start blogging for him once a week. Maybe even tonight if I can gather the photos!)

blogger is irritating me. For the last several months it likes to put photos whereever it wants. That was a rabbit chasing thought...


Since my week was a bit crazy the ahhhs are late but not to worry, here they are!
I am not going to take the time to upload colored ones. I will try to make a coloring post this weekend.

Ahhhh 45
Argyle Coast
Level: Advanced

Ahhhh 46
Level: Beginner

I am working on a sample (actually two) that is going to knock your stockin's off. Crossing my fingers I can sew this weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Jindi's Cottage said...

Take your ginghers! I don't think so!!! I would have walked the three blocks back to the car too...what do they think they are, an airport? sheesh what is the world coming to when someone can't sit in the waiting room at a hospital and stitch to pass the time...Stephen looks so cute with his violin...

Belinda said...

I don't own any scissors that I would walk three blocks to save. Ha.

elliek said...

I would have walked the three blocks too! What a cheek. Hope all went well with the check up though. Hugs