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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Power Posting

I think if I would have posted any blog posts this last week it would have been hurried, short, and not very fun. I would have had to "power post" and I am tired of doing that. Its been almost a year for the roller coaster. I am ready to stop power posting. So I will post when I can post like I used to. If that means ahhhhs wait a day or two, its ok, you buy them all at once anyway :)



This man kept me busy this past week. He had two heart tests and two scope type tests. Guess what? All is good! His heart is in good shape, his Chrons is behaving itself. Last week he had CT scans and his neck has some artery issues but is fine and they arent going to do anything about it right now. He has been very tired lately and even missed a bunch of work again, so the mystery is on to see why he's not feeling the best, but I think all those meds he takes and gets off of and on and back and forth can have a big role in that.



Seth is, well...hmmm... not much different. Hes HUGE. Thats what he is. I called him "Monster" when he was little. Guess he's growing into it.

Stephen loves trains and music and pirates. Not much change there, huh?



Busy. Crazy. Not getting to sleep as much as I would like. But blessed. Very blessed.



This is the end of the month. Due to the fact that I was gone 4 days in a row this last week, they are a bit late getting to the website. They will be ready to purchase by the end of the weekend, club packs included.

#47 Beloved. 
I had quite the time naming this one. When I look at it I see the Christ Child in a manger. (middle is the Babe, top is the halo, bottom is the manger legs crossed), but others didnt see what I saw. LOL guess that is nothing unusual. Still, I picked my own name this time.

# 48 Whirly Gig

My good friend, Jill, named this Ahhh and she is currently in the hospital. I think it is her turn to name an ahhh and I love the name she chose!
Get better Jill!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A TON of fabric

I have had so much pile up on top of me that it has taken me FOREVER to list fabric in the shop. Well today I went at it, and there are several already sold out. LOL

Better hurry and check it out. It is listed in price categories.

I will add more fat quarters for Monday, but I am taking a break now as I have been at it all day!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

An Interesting Week

You know, the Hillbilly Household is far from boring. Rather we enjoyed an ER visit. (no worries, Mr. Hillbilly just needed some extra drip juice. That happens sometimes with Chron's.) Guess what though? Big city hospital tried to take these and throw them in the trash!!! 
UM NO!! I walked the three blocks back to the car to save my beloved babies. Who wanted to spend the day stitching while sitting in a hospital room in a hard uncomfortable chair with nothing else to do anyway?


Hillbilly Jr is trying to grow up to  make his momma hillbilly proud. We will be dancing a jig in anytime now...lookie! (stephen fans I have made a vow to start blogging for him once a week. Maybe even tonight if I can gather the photos!)

blogger is irritating me. For the last several months it likes to put photos whereever it wants. That was a rabbit chasing thought...


Since my week was a bit crazy the ahhhs are late but not to worry, here they are!
I am not going to take the time to upload colored ones. I will try to make a coloring post this weekend.

Ahhhh 45
Argyle Coast
Level: Advanced

Ahhhh 46
Level: Beginner

I am working on a sample (actually two) that is going to knock your stockin's off. Crossing my fingers I can sew this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fresh Fat Day Monday

Want some fresh fat??

NOOO not that kind of fat! 

I am talking about the 18" x 22" fat quarters you can get over here at

Hillbilly Quilt Shop
And want to know the best part?

Every single Monday is Fresh Fat Day Monday, where I will update with at least a dozen new fat quarters.
AND.. all my fat quarters cost only

$1.50 Each!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Patterns and notions!

I am finally getting my act together about getting the shop filled up with merchandise. Tonight I just added notions and patterns. Melly and Me, Art to Heart to wonder clips. FUN Stuff!

I am excited to get the fabric loaded, I have soooo much!

Wow, quilt blocks galore around here for the Moore memory quilts. Once again..who doesnt mind helping me stitch/or quilt them? I am still waiting on the international ones to arrive and then we will get started dividing and designing. I just might need a little help...

Friday, June 14, 2013


Level: Intermediate

Kind of matches me right now...
dont have much else to say.
Nothing new.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


You know all these little terms that everyone uses for texting, etc. Things like LOL and ROFL and idk. Well I am in an idk moment. I have no idea what to name the next ahhhh and the group has a bunch of names picked out. I dont know which to choose. I am sort of hoping it will hit me by the bottom of this post...


JERRY had a couple of tests. Just the beginning of several for this month. His left hand is sadly damaged from stroke. They were hoping carpal tunnel as that was an easy fix. Not so much now. The guitar will remain dusty. :(

He also has some artery issues in his neck; this is causing the stroke issues. They are going to leave it as is and keep him on blood thinners as long as his crohns is behaving.


I am trying to get things posted to the new website. Fabricy, sewingy things. They are not selling themselves sitting around my house. Plus with Mr. Hillbilly off work for 3 weeks we could kind of use to sell them. So the beginning has been posted.

Ribbon is now available RIGHT HERE
More fabric including clearance and fat quarters, buttons and patterns on their way as I keep lighting a fire under myself


Here we go, what do I call this thing?

Ahhhh 43
The Waiting Room

Difficulty: Beginner

Sunday, June 9, 2013

And here's the fix:

Ok you want to know the TOTAL weird thing?

So several of you that commented were no reply bloggers..that didnt use to be no reply bloggers. I know because I've replied to you before.

Well guess what? A friend found the solution for us!!!

If you use google plus (because if you are like me you thought maybe they would come out with something cool for it but they havent yet that I can see)

YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS LINK and get your profile fixed:

Now tomorrow while sitting at KU Med Center all day long...I can read blogs :)
(or chase Stephen which is more likely)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not really lovin bloglovin.

So I am trying to read blogs sometimes! And when I do I never get comment replies. Only o don't say much because my replies have been so slow anymore. 

One thing I noticed since giving up google reader and using bloglovin, when I comment it says tonya Owens instead of hillbilly Tonya. Someone just now explained it is because when I comment, it accesses my google account instead of my blogger account, Which makes me look like a non reply blogger.

So after asking a couple more questions, I found out that the glitch of it accessing my google account over my blogger account is because I do my blog reading via bloglovin. Not my blogger blog roll, because I have non google blogs I like to follow. ( or at least I used to. My reading list is WAY smaller than it used too be too. I didn't reduce it all that much. )

So.... I'm left being a non reply person if I read via bloglovin...or I miss part of them if I read via blogger. 

Why are they making my dive back into blog land such a difficult dive??!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Life/blog/mobile/ahhhh 42

I know many of you have switched to mobile for almost all of your internet usage. Phooey, even I have and I never said I would. But I do observe some things and wonder if any of you feel the same:

1) I dont like reading blogs/websites/ mobile. It drives me insane, having to move around from this app to that, pinching screens, scrolling out. Things looking different.

2) I dont like reading emails because then I forget things that I need to do for people later.

3) My business on facebook is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is open 24/7, messages all day and night. I mean THOUSANDS by weeks end and that is no exaggeration. And I am talking messages, not notifications. So even though I dont like using mobile for the is a complete necessity for me.

Having said this...when am I on the laptop? Not often. Usually I have my eyes glued open or something because it is late night blogging or shipping. So I have been feeling quite guilty that I have not kept up with your blogs but I just have to figure a way to put that guilt away. Then I have to start putting away the guilt for not replying to comments in a timely manner.

Does it help if I tell you that I NEVER watch tv, I NEVER read books, I RARELY sew? Truly, I dont. I dont teach Stephen school anymore ( I find such joy in teaching so this is sad). On the other hand I have GREAT help running the fabric shop. It could run itself without me (thanks to said helpers) if I needed it to.

Here at home Jerry is going down that side of the hill right now. (he will always go up and down.) He has been off work for two weeks straight as of today. They are trying to find the cause of his strokes plus he just really does not feel well again. He is very weak. This month is going to be full of tests so they can get to the bottom of whats causing his latest health issues (not counting the strokes).

So just hang in there and know that I really do wish I could read your blogs. But I just can not for the most part. Not yet. May for Me? ha, guess you know why I was not involved this last time around. If I was though, my ME would have been all about my family. That is what I miss most of all. Family time hiking in the woods, school, geocaching, cooking up some crazy crafts, piles of books to read to Stephen. I just realized I've not been to the library since last August. Has it really been almost a year since the Hillbilly Homestead changed so drastically? I guess so.

Well I am rambling. Kind of feels good to blog like I used to, instead of typing as fast as I can to meet a deadline. Maybe this is exactly where I should start, so that I can find ME again. Because I still feel like the ME I knew a year ago is GONE. Poof!


Ahhhh 42
Hole in One
Level: Beginner

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hidden Entrance

My friend is now home from the hospital and on bed rest for a week. She has twisted arteries; but her heart is free from blockage. I have so many friends all over the world but she is the ONLY close friend/family member I have IN PERSON, you know? She might live 6 hours apart but we make sure we are together when we need to be.


Ahhhhs will go out tomorrow. Those that have purchased. (or today I guess since it is almost 1 am )


I have a bunch of blocks arriving! I will post some photos on Friday for you to see.


Ahhhh 41: Hidden Entrance
Difficulty: Beginner

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cold toes...

Many of you long time followers know of my friend Helen and how many times she's dropped everything to come to my aid when Jerry was sick...even though we live 6 hours apart. 

Well, today I returned the favor. My friend is in the hospital with heart trouble and I came to stay with her. 

Ahhhs will ship a couple of days late. 

Do you know hospitals are very cold. I had to go buy sweatpants. All Walmart had were men's. 

I'm now dressed for winter, so I can tuck myself in this wonderful hospital chair and catch some zzzz's