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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things and a New EPP video

There are some things I like... you know..this:

Or this:

Things I dont like:


I also tend to be 'different'. I mean, not your average person would crawl into red long johns, overalls, and an old hat with a flower sticking out of it for their business profile photo.

I also like my blog to be different. I have had several say that the middle is too narrow compared to other blogs....But, quite frankly, I like my skinny middle.
(Its not gonna happen in real life folks...
so just work with me here)

What I am getting at is this...I made a video. And it's going to just push its way out into the side columns.
But that is ok, just click on that thing and you will be whisked away to see the most awesome fussy gluing you have ever seen filmed on location at the resident of an Almost Real Life Hillbilly!

(and while you are at it I will sit here biting my nails as I am soooo nervous to be filming these so you can see the 'real' me. I much prefer hiding behind a keyboard. )


Belinda said...

Great job Tonya!! Love the video.

Mary L. said...

Great video and good to see you!

BethAnn from Texas said...

SUPER great job!! I don't hear nearrrrrrrrly enough twang to believe the "hill billy" part. :-)
Maybe that has to come from TX. Thank you for sharing your method - it's very well laid out on your video. I understood it, could see it well, and it made artistic sense. You are AWESOME girlfriend!!

Patty said...

NOW I understand. I am a visual learner. You showed me most of what I need to know. Now, I you will show how you sew them together please. THANKS.

Grammasheri said...

I loved that you shared not just the physical technique but also the reasons for your design choices. Wonderful!

Jacque said...

Wow! You did such an awesome job! Way to go, Tonya!

Rhonda D. said...

Love your video. Explains everything very well. Makes
me think I can do some AHHHs, too!

Linda said...

Great job Tonya! Love that Ahh and your creative take on it! You are tempting me to go and play with mine :) You make it look so easy!!

KatieQ said...

Great video! Very clear explanation. I could hardly believe it was you without the overalls.