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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The shop is open!! but paypal is stupid

For the last month, paypal has been behaving very very badly. And just when I get the shop opened and ready...paypal wont let anyone pay. NICE! It worked a week ago. We did a test run before I went out of town. No problem. Go to open shop...big problem.

So, I will link up the shop, go have some fun looking around...tell me what you think..tell paypal I send them a lot of money every month and to get their act together,

And I will let you know when it is working.

If you want to try to buy your ahhhhs...go ahead. It might let you, but probably wont. I have tried every setting possible. It worked last week. I should have let you buy them last week.

Its after 2 am. Going to bed with discouraged least look around and tell me what you think:


kcro62 said...

I just placed and paid for a small order and it all did fine from what I could tell. Great site and way user friendly!

Dorian said...

I went and peeked around Tonya, your store is looking great. This will be a much easier/better way to sell your fabric :) at least for me. lol

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I placed an order this worked perfectly! Thanks so much..hugs, Elaine

Belinda said...

LOVE IT!! Love your hillbilly photo too!
Is it supposed to say Click the photo to shoppin' or Click the photo to go shoppin' on your blog?

Linda said...

I did a little peeking at your new site! It's really great!! Didn't shop yet but I certainly will very soon. Congratulations again!

Melinda said...

I ordered and paid with no problem. Congratulations on getting it to work.

Layla Stabile said...

Oh, that was really a problem. I hope that you were able to fix it right away because that might definitely create problems for your customers. Some customers get anxious when they encounter dilemmas like this. Also, your reputation might be ruined because of it, so you must really respond to such troubles immediately.

Layla Stabile @ Sacramento Marketing Labs