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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quilt Blocks and Ahhh 37

You know what? I love that there is usually one 'grace day' for me a month when I just dont get an ahhhh prepared. So here I was all stressing that I missed last Thursday's ahhhh, and I didnt need to be. All I had to do was label it this months 'skip day'. Woo hoo!

Thanks SO much for those of you offering to do quilt blocks for our Oklahoma quilts and even quilting!! Several have even offered to assemble and quilt, wonderful! Remember, we hope to give them to the teachers and staff of Plaza Towers.

If you have commented that you are interested I will send out an email soon about where you can mail your blocks. We have locations in Australia, Canada and several different ones in the states.

We need 12.5" blocks and anything goes.  We will be setting them in school colors and including the mascot if we can. (red, white for colors and black panther).


Ahhhh 37 was named by my son and I was actually quite proud of the name. It wasnt even as weird as the last one he named "conference call". Meet Ahhhh 37:

Sun Stone

Difficulty Level: Beginner

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