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Friday, May 10, 2013

Its Just Ducky

While I might be a couple of days behind in showing you the latest ahhhh releases, I am excited to report that I am all caught up on fabric new cutting employee is wonderful and we have such a fun time!

I will be writing some extra posts today, but that means I am going into mothers day weekend all caught up everywhere and ready to sew a stitch or two :)


Dont forget, those wanting to purchase ahhhhs, they are now available in the webstore. You will not receive an invoice as in the past.


Packaging woes...

While the new sticky labels are pretty, they are not working out for some of you. Plus some of the larger designs have had to go out via zipper sandwhich bags. So, thanks to a suggestion from Bea, I have purchased a heat melting machine and I am awaiting its arrival before packaging newly released ahhhhs. Once it arrives, all ahhhs will be available the day they are released, but for the discounted monthly rate you will need to wait until the end of the month when all are released.


Naming todays ahhhh was quite a discussion in the paper pieces group. From platypus to alligator, we finally decided it was pretty ducky... and its especially fun when it comes with a video!

It's Just Ducky
Ahhhh 34
Level: Intermediate


beaquilter said...

ahhhh you got the heat melting machine! awesome, hope it works for you :-) btw your blogger is very narrow the youtube goes into the border.sorry I seem to tell you waht to do lately. I'll shut up :-)

Carla said...

Just ducky. LOL
Hope you're having a great day!