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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hillbilly Handstitchin' 2013

When the idea of a retreat started forming in my mind a couple of years ago, I knew that true to had to be 'different'. A Hillbilly quilt retreat had to be like no other. Some things I knew that had to happen:

1) It had to be in my beloved hills.

2) It had to be affordable as possible. The average retreat is well out of my price range so it probably is for others as well. 

3) It had to be family (child) friendly. Quilt, sewing, etc retreats are not family friendly. Children are not welcome. While many might say that is the whole point of a retreat, there are that many more that will not go if they cannot bring their children. The option just isnt there. 

4) It had to offer things not available at the average sewing/quilt retreat.


The above is continued at the Hillbilly Quilt Shop. Continue reading By clicking here NOW. Seriously, read it now. I just spent hours and hours on it...I need you to read it. :)

Even more fun would be to see you sign up for it!!!!!!!!!!


Colleen said...

Hey girl! Just clicked the link above from my ipad. I was not able to read your website because the curlicue font is so distorted. I think it' may be an iPad thing and wanted to let you know. Wish I could go to your retreat but I start school then :0(

Belinda said...

Gonna do my bestess to be thar!!