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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Handy dandy.. I guess

Well my new mobile app for blogger is working great. It's called blog go! If you are interested. It was rated better than the blogger app. 

And it's handy right now to tell you sorry about the blog post that I am so excited to make...but my stupid Internet isn't working. It started yesterday when I was on the phone finalizing prices for the retreat and looked down in horror when I saw the iPad say Internet had been turned off. I even made a noise be ause the campground lady asked if I was ok. I explained to her that it is NOT ok for me to be without Internet..So I ran to make sure I paid the bill. Yep. It came back on and was fine...for a few hours. Now NOTHING. 

Exactly how am I to run two Internet stores, ship fabric, ship ahhhhs, blog about a retreat, blog about today's ahhhh without the net? Even some of our school is web based. None of this can be done without a computer. Of course a mont ago I could not have even told you why I wasn't available. ( thankful for the mobile blessing!!)

Here's what you do...take the day, head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Tell the rest of the world that you are sorry but there is not a thing you can do...and you just shrug and move on til later. 

( oh but you do beg your husband to look into the problem when he gets to work. Just want to make sure it's not just us!)

Oh no! Now the 3G symbol is gone and it says E. that can't be good. 

Lol yep we just go play outside today!

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Belinda said...

Had a day didn't you? Ha!!