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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ahhhhh shipments

I am sorry to bombard you with posts and won't post anymore today but ahhhh people need to know what's going on. I copied and pasted this news statement. I am so sorry! I wish I could have shipped them yesterday but my husband was at KU hospital for tests. The minute I can access the Internet I will let you know.

CenturyLink Suffering Major Broadband Outage
Customer Support Lines Have Crashed
by Karl Bode 50 minutes ago tags: dsl · business · bandwidth · trouble ·CenturyLink
CenturyLink users report that the company is suffering what appears to be a nationwide broadband outage across a significant portion of the company's 38 state footprint. Users in our forums in locations ranging from Olathe, Kansas to Fort Hood Texas say they're unable to get any broadband connectivity whatsoever, and that the company's support lines have been busy for the last few hours. CenturyLink says they have technicians working on the outage and assessing the scope of the issue, but hasn't been able to offer technical specifics. The company's Twitter feed has provided restoration ETAs of 24-48 hours to some users. The outage comes on the heels of a massive voice system outage by Windstream last week.

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