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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Big 4 0

and I am not even talking age! (pffft I am past that age anyway.)

(oh and yes there are more coming...we arent at 100 yet sillies!)

Before I share it just know a couple of things. I found a lady at the post office that will run your ahhhs as a normal letter which saves a ton of $$. So please all you international customers please do not purchase until Sunday and allow me time to 1) change shipping prices in the system and 2) give you store credit for your lesser shipping price last month.

The rest of you will be able to purchase within a few hours from this blog post. They will not ship until Monday though.


Ahhhh 40
Difficulty: Advanced

Wait!! dont know what Snooker is? I didnt either. I had to google it when someone came up this cool name. Take a look:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We have a contact person/ ahhhh number next

A person from Moore, OK joined my fabric group yesterday!! She has agreed to deliver all the quilts to the staff at the school. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Blessings from heaven. Totally.

I am still anxiously awaiting the first blocks to arrive but I have seen photos and boy are they beautiful!!!


Hold on I have to go look and see what number we are on...oh yes 39!!

Braided Triangle 
Level: Beginner

Only one to go and its a goodie.
Different and fun!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Blocks for the Plaza Towers Quilts

Several have responded and asked details and THANK YOU for that.

Blocks need to be 12.5 x 12.5 (to finish at 12").

ANY block works. Please just make it new materials. We are setting the blocks in Red, White and Black (school colors) and I have someone making large embroidery blocks for each quilt that will have a cougar and they will say, etc.

Please mail them by WED JUNE 5th. If you will email me at hillbillyhandiworks (at) gmail then I will give you an address on where to send them. I have a Canadian address, Australian address and three different US addresses that I will be dividing between.

Quilts will be donated to the teachers and staff of Plaza Towers Elementary.

Lets sew some blocks this weekend!! Join me?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ahhhh 38: A Hexie Habit

The paper piecing group on facebook had quite the time with this Ahhhh. At least with naming it. Maybe I should let the photos tell the story:

LaLa Hexie

Bee's Nest

A Nun's Habit
...eventually becoming a Hexie Habit
Also a geisha girl


Hillbilly's Throne

Fish Tank

Optimus Prime

A Hexie Habit
Ahhhh 38
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quilt Blocks and Ahhh 37

You know what? I love that there is usually one 'grace day' for me a month when I just dont get an ahhhh prepared. So here I was all stressing that I missed last Thursday's ahhhh, and I didnt need to be. All I had to do was label it this months 'skip day'. Woo hoo!

Thanks SO much for those of you offering to do quilt blocks for our Oklahoma quilts and even quilting!! Several have even offered to assemble and quilt, wonderful! Remember, we hope to give them to the teachers and staff of Plaza Towers.

If you have commented that you are interested I will send out an email soon about where you can mail your blocks. We have locations in Australia, Canada and several different ones in the states.

We need 12.5" blocks and anything goes.  We will be setting them in school colors and including the mascot if we can. (red, white for colors and black panther).


Ahhhh 37 was named by my son and I was actually quite proud of the name. It wasnt even as weird as the last one he named "conference call". Meet Ahhhh 37:

Sun Stone

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tis not the time....

to discuss Ahhhhs. I have the one from last week and the one for tomorrow all ready for you but we are right in the middle of trying to organize a HUGE quilt block undertaking for a memorial for the children of Oklahoma.

The fabric group has members from all over the world and all are working on quilt blocks. Many of these are not quilters so if anyone is willing to help stitch them into quilts, please let me know.

I could also use a quilter or two. We are thinking lap size and give them to the teachers at the school instead of the families of the children as the families will get a huge outpouring.

Blocks accepted will be any 12". But we are attempting to find school colors before I can say what colors to make your block.

If you are interested, please comment and I will let you know school colors to make your block with as soon as I know. Also if interested in helping in any other way, such as piecing, let me know.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things and a New EPP video

There are some things I like... you know..this:

Or this:

Things I dont like:


I also tend to be 'different'. I mean, not your average person would crawl into red long johns, overalls, and an old hat with a flower sticking out of it for their business profile photo.

I also like my blog to be different. I have had several say that the middle is too narrow compared to other blogs....But, quite frankly, I like my skinny middle.
(Its not gonna happen in real life folks...
so just work with me here)

What I am getting at is this...I made a video. And it's going to just push its way out into the side columns.
But that is ok, just click on that thing and you will be whisked away to see the most awesome fussy gluing you have ever seen filmed on location at the resident of an Almost Real Life Hillbilly!

(and while you are at it I will sit here biting my nails as I am soooo nervous to be filming these so you can see the 'real' me. I much prefer hiding behind a keyboard. )

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

36: Sliced Hexagon

Todays Ahhhh is a revisit from one of the older styles; so I kept the same name.

This Hexagon is perfect to play with if you are wanting to attempt some fun fussy cut shapes. I was actually trying to film a fussy cut video today but lots happened to deter that.  Maybe I will get to it late tonight, not sure. If I dont it will have to wait another week as my older son leaves tomorrow until Monday.

Anyway, it will be worth it when I do get to it. I have all the materials prepped and ready. 


number 36
Level: Beginner

The perfect gift..a Jerry update.

This weekend I had such a nice time sewing again. Stephen does enjoy his vest very much. Sunday I went shopping with the two older kids and we took a detour hike in the woods...Seth's idea as he knows I love the woods!

This week the weather is in the 80s..that in and of itself is a FINE moms day gift!

Jerry went to the doc last week ( well one of his many docs. They all seem to be women. I beginning to wonder if he's got a harem he visits another tomorrow.) Anyway... This was his gastro doc and she handles all of his Chrons meds, etc. Well we got good news! Jerry is very much improved so they were able to cut back a lot of his meds. And since cutting those back he's been feeling better and more active. 

Life is getting back to normal..finally. I am not working all hours of the night. School is getting caught up. Jerry is feeling better. 

Pretty good Mothers Day I'd say!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mommy's Day for Me to Stephen

For Mothers Day this year, my daughter decided to give me a day to work without my little helper. ( They went to the zoo). Rather than work I decided to play. I learned how to use some new sewing tools that I've never tried before:

These wonder clips...awesome for little boy vests.

That Purple Thang is great for itty bitty pockets.

Kam Snaps are fun to use and I know Stephen will love them!

And I survived putting in a zipper. Sort of. It doesn't open. Jerry thinks it might be my fault for buying the wrong kind of zipper, but the packaging all said hmmmm,  I still don't know how to properly put in a zipper. I knew I feared zippers for a reason. 

I guess Stephen will just have to slip it over his head, then zip it up.

After all is said and done my Mothers Day labor of love was very worth it and my boy will love it...but I think for the remainder of my evening, I will go revisit quilting!







Hillbilly Handstitchin' 2013

When the idea of a retreat started forming in my mind a couple of years ago, I knew that true to had to be 'different'. A Hillbilly quilt retreat had to be like no other. Some things I knew that had to happen:

1) It had to be in my beloved hills.

2) It had to be affordable as possible. The average retreat is well out of my price range so it probably is for others as well. 

3) It had to be family (child) friendly. Quilt, sewing, etc retreats are not family friendly. Children are not welcome. While many might say that is the whole point of a retreat, there are that many more that will not go if they cannot bring their children. The option just isnt there. 

4) It had to offer things not available at the average sewing/quilt retreat.


The above is continued at the Hillbilly Quilt Shop. Continue reading By clicking here NOW. Seriously, read it now. I just spent hours and hours on it...I need you to read it. :)

Even more fun would be to see you sign up for it!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Post number two for today:

 **Insert Evil Laughter**

I am NOT looking forward to counting these. So nice to have an excuse to wait on the heat machine. But then I will meet the task with a smile :)

 Pernicious Ahhhhh 35 
Level: Beginner
 (Just Kidding! )
 Level: Advanced


A friend who doesnt like for me to share her name colored up some of these in a way that you might be surprised. It is neat to see what you can do with one itty bitty block!

Its Just Ducky

While I might be a couple of days behind in showing you the latest ahhhh releases, I am excited to report that I am all caught up on fabric new cutting employee is wonderful and we have such a fun time!

I will be writing some extra posts today, but that means I am going into mothers day weekend all caught up everywhere and ready to sew a stitch or two :)


Dont forget, those wanting to purchase ahhhhs, they are now available in the webstore. You will not receive an invoice as in the past.


Packaging woes...

While the new sticky labels are pretty, they are not working out for some of you. Plus some of the larger designs have had to go out via zipper sandwhich bags. So, thanks to a suggestion from Bea, I have purchased a heat melting machine and I am awaiting its arrival before packaging newly released ahhhhs. Once it arrives, all ahhhs will be available the day they are released, but for the discounted monthly rate you will need to wait until the end of the month when all are released.


Naming todays ahhhh was quite a discussion in the paper pieces group. From platypus to alligator, we finally decided it was pretty ducky... and its especially fun when it comes with a video!

It's Just Ducky
Ahhhh 34
Level: Intermediate

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ahhhhh shipments

I am sorry to bombard you with posts and won't post anymore today but ahhhh people need to know what's going on. I copied and pasted this news statement. I am so sorry! I wish I could have shipped them yesterday but my husband was at KU hospital for tests. The minute I can access the Internet I will let you know.

CenturyLink Suffering Major Broadband Outage
Customer Support Lines Have Crashed
by Karl Bode 50 minutes ago tags: dsl · business · bandwidth · trouble ·CenturyLink
CenturyLink users report that the company is suffering what appears to be a nationwide broadband outage across a significant portion of the company's 38 state footprint. Users in our forums in locations ranging from Olathe, Kansas to Fort Hood Texas say they're unable to get any broadband connectivity whatsoever, and that the company's support lines have been busy for the last few hours. CenturyLink says they have technicians working on the outage and assessing the scope of the issue, but hasn't been able to offer technical specifics. The company's Twitter feed has provided restoration ETAs of 24-48 hours to some users. The outage comes on the heels of a massive voice system outage by Windstream last week.

Handy dandy.. I guess

Well my new mobile app for blogger is working great. It's called blog go! If you are interested. It was rated better than the blogger app. 

And it's handy right now to tell you sorry about the blog post that I am so excited to make...but my stupid Internet isn't working. It started yesterday when I was on the phone finalizing prices for the retreat and looked down in horror when I saw the iPad say Internet had been turned off. I even made a noise be ause the campground lady asked if I was ok. I explained to her that it is NOT ok for me to be without Internet..So I ran to make sure I paid the bill. Yep. It came back on and was fine...for a few hours. Now NOTHING. 

Exactly how am I to run two Internet stores, ship fabric, ship ahhhhs, blog about a retreat, blog about today's ahhhh without the net? Even some of our school is web based. None of this can be done without a computer. Of course a mont ago I could not have even told you why I wasn't available. ( thankful for the mobile blessing!!)

Here's what you do...take the day, head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Tell the rest of the world that you are sorry but there is not a thing you can do...and you just shrug and move on til later. 

( oh but you do beg your husband to look into the problem when he gets to work. Just want to make sure it's not just us!)

Oh no! Now the 3G symbol is gone and it says E. that can't be good. 

Lol yep we just go play outside today!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mistake!!! And some ironing

I'm actually ironing out the final retreat details so that I can blog about it tonight. So very excited to do so!

I need to say that number 24 the hidden star was packaged with diamonds instead of triangles. Now I know that most of you just cut those diamonds in half, but I should replace them. The only problem is I won't be able to replace them before tomorrow's big ahhhhh mailing. (We are at doctors today). So they will have to come in a separate mailing. Please let me know if you need a replacement. In fact, mistakes are always replaced free. :) 

Oh and if you've not ordered your ahhhhs you have to do so from the website.  

Ok I will be back tonight about the retreat. ( how fun that I can blog from the car by the way! )

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thorn in my Side

NO Ma'am and sirs I am not gripin'.
No siree!
The website is up and going, people are buying their ahhhhs right and left!
They even are buying fabric.
( I need to list lots of fabric.)


Tomorrow I start posting retreat plans. I have people signing up for classes without even posting what they are. I sure hope you consider going and spreading the word even if you aren't planning on going. 


I will start adding these ahhhhs to the website the day that they get released, (more like the middle of the night that they get released) so you can order whenever (but montly clubs wont get them until the end of the month that they are released.)

No... the only thorn in my side is this Ahhhh.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Ahhhhh 33

The shop is open!! but paypal is stupid

For the last month, paypal has been behaving very very badly. And just when I get the shop opened and ready...paypal wont let anyone pay. NICE! It worked a week ago. We did a test run before I went out of town. No problem. Go to open shop...big problem.

So, I will link up the shop, go have some fun looking around...tell me what you think..tell paypal I send them a lot of money every month and to get their act together,

And I will let you know when it is working.

If you want to try to buy your ahhhhs...go ahead. It might let you, but probably wont. I have tried every setting possible. It worked last week. I should have let you buy them last week.

Its after 2 am. Going to bed with discouraged least look around and tell me what you think:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fresh new look!

its May! Time for a blog sprucing up!!

Guess whats happening in May?
 * I will announce the website tomorrow. (I just have to do my about me page. You see this is extremely important because while I was at Silver Dollar City I had a special hillbilly--fied photo made up all for me. I am anxious to share but I need to edit it first.)

*Do you like my new look? My wonderful friend who made my website also made my header for me. We call her The Princess around my house. Everyone wave to the princess and thank her for helping me with all this technicalizaional stuff.

*There will be NO ahhhh invoices this month. will be able to just go...order! yay! how about that! I will be shipping them out this weekend!! ( you will be able to start ordering tomorrow)

* There was an ahhhh mistake last go around. If you didnt catch it was one of the harder ones (will need to look up the number) and it had diamonds instead of triangles. So sorry! I will send out new ones if you request. Most of you just grabbed a pair of scissors to fix the error, thanks! Also, I apologize for the confusion of having some names mixed up between old and new ahhhhs. We will stick to fun for the new names from now on. We rather enjoy naming them :)

*Hey, wanna go on a retreat? OH I can NOT wait to announce the goodie gumdrop plans! Website first, then retreat. (I am positively evil at times.)

*I am planning a huge blog re-launch party very soon. Remember when I said less fabric, more ahhh and blog? Then Jerry got sick again and missed a bunch of work, then I got myself stressed into selling more fabric, and the cycle has just been vicious for months! But I have several new helpers that are doing wonders and finally, after 9 months ( I cannot believe its been that long) of practically killing myself, life is calming down and I will be able to be a good bloggy person again. The re-launch party will have lots of giveaways, so please stay tuned! I am going to make up a new blog button, and when I do I ask if you dont mind if you would share?

New website, Blog re-launch, Retreat, more ahhhhs,  Its going to be a BIG Month around here. Are ya ready?