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Monday, April 15, 2013

Its ahhhhhl coming together (I hope)

I finally hired an employee that is going to work out SO great for coming over and helping me out. She is going to 1) cut fabric 2) count ahhhhs 3) handle all my reciepts/expenses (yuck stuff) 4) teach Stephen preschool...

yes for real she is! She runs a preschool and as it is winding down she has nothing to do for the summer. Her youngest child is 15 and that daughter will also be coming to help cut fabric.

I am so so excited that I might be able to first sleep, then sew! *grin*

Oh I also have a very wonderful friend, who does way too much to help me and I dont think I could function without her help, working on the website. She has the ahhhhs almost all set up!!! I will announce it the minute I get a chance!!!

Ahhhh 27 Flying the Coop

(first one colored by Bea's son)


Christine M said...

Glad to hear you've found someone to help you, Tonya. At least this will take some pressure off you.

Pat said...

Glad to hear you've got some help, Tonya.
Enjoy that very first nap you take :) xx

Belinda said...

Yayyy!! Things are looking up. :)

VickiT said...

That's AWESOME for you. Great news. I resisted lecturing like us Momma's tend to do so often when it's not needed and I knew you'd heard it before so I'm very happy to hear you will be able to get some sleep/rest. I KNOW how important that is to enable your body to function as well as for your brain to function clearly too. But, I knew better than to say anything because I KNEW you already knew that and the fact that us Mom's will always put ourselves last and get things done that must be done no matter what it does to our own sleep pattern. ;) I'm so happy to hear you will get help and she sounds perfect too.

Sorry I've been quiet and not commenting at all. I have been reading along though. SO? What will you do first with all that free time? LOL

elliek said...

Well done on your new employee. Hope this leads to some more sleep for you.
This latest Ahhh is a weird one but as usual I am looking forward to having a go at it.

Get some zzz's Hugs