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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fahhhhhst check in..

We are home from our little trip. Got the retreat scheduled. Got teachers and projects lined up. The website is up and working.

But I need to work on ahhhhs the next couple of days. There were some mistakes that went out and I will make an announcement of those as soon as I look into them.

I guess the new labels on the back of the ahhhhs are not as good? The clear? I purchased those so I could print my new logo onto them and it would look better since they already presized, no cutting them out. So please more feedback on those.

I plan on having a HUGE relaunch my blog party next week so stay tuned :) Lots of exciting changes!!


beaquilter said...

Glad you are home! I like the clear label on the back of the pack if that's what you are asking, though I DO think there was a mistake in one of them, but so far I've prepped up to 22 I think maybe 21. :-)

elliek said...

Maybe it's the way I tear into my packets that makes them rip the packet.Glad the retreat is coming together, look forward to seeing what people make while on it.

Carla said...

I think I'm ready to go on another retreat. I had fun on my first one.

Maybe I'll have to organize one. hmmm