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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fahhhhhst check in..

We are home from our little trip. Got the retreat scheduled. Got teachers and projects lined up. The website is up and working.

But I need to work on ahhhhs the next couple of days. There were some mistakes that went out and I will make an announcement of those as soon as I look into them.

I guess the new labels on the back of the ahhhhs are not as good? The clear? I purchased those so I could print my new logo onto them and it would look better since they already presized, no cutting them out. So please more feedback on those.

I plan on having a HUGE relaunch my blog party next week so stay tuned :) Lots of exciting changes!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ahhhhh monthly end

Guess what? My employee quit!

Well one of them did. The other had strep throat. actually got down to business and worked and I am actually thinking R.E.L.I.E.F. is on the way.

Since I am headed out of town to schedule the retreat and since I am behind on ahhhh posts ( although quite excited at the relief that I will be able to catch up now),

I am going to show you all the rest of the months tonight. I dont have time to pull together all the colored ones into one place but will try to do that when I get back.

We need to do a trial run of the website and then I will let you know if the ahhhhs are ready to purchase straight from there. Lets wait until  I get home :)

Here are the ahhhhs for the end of the month. They wont be available until I come home but then we will get down to business on sending them out!










Thursday, April 18, 2013

Retreats, logos, website, and other fun randomness

The above logo was gifted to me by my friend that has turned into my 'right hand man' so to speak. She does so much work behind the scenes to help me. She made this logo for the fabric shop but she is also adapting one for the blog and has a button done as well.

She also has got the website all up and going. I am not going to 'release' it yet because it is just freshly opened but the exciting part is...NO INVOICING FOR AHHHHS this month! You will be able to just click and purchase your monthly ahhhhs. She has clubs all set up there and everything!

We will be adding fabric, notions, etc as we can.


The new additions to the family:

 I went to walmart to buy Jerry some bacon last Saturday and came home with the item below. We bought it at Walmart. Seriously. Of course there is a story involved but the name of the car is Nothing Short of a Miracle and I will call her Miracle for short. 

Speaking of short: Little short guy got one too..only it was months ago while his daddy was in the hospital. His sissy bought it for him and it stays at her house. He begs to go there all of the time. I am sure he will blog about it soon since he is trying to catch up on things.


How about a little trip?
Care to go here with me??

I am actually leaving next weekend to set up a retreat in Branson.
I have a location chosen that has a hotel, camping, cabin rentals, 2 pools, a playground, convention center, catered food,
and is VERY affordable.
I will be picking a weekend in Aug/sept and planning all kinds of fun activities including:
*trip to the HUGE quilt shop in Branson
*having a shipment of fabric drop shipped for shopping and giveaways
*EPP workshops--I will get with Paper Pieces and we will have some goodies lined up for you
*other sewing workshops including zippers. ( I hope. need a teacher for this. I am terrified of zippers.)

Family friendly! Bring the crew.
I just need to get some kind of idea how much interest there is so I know what to reserve.
I will find out prices next weekend. Just looking for a head count right now of "maybe"s.
I know my blog has been seriously neglected since fall but I am trying to make a comeback. Please help me by considering coming if you can make it at all! REAL live NOT behind a computer screen..well I dont know what that looks like anymore. A hug? wow! I would love one.
so think about it :)

** Wonder if Jason Yenter would consider being a hillbilly for a weekend. Most likely not but it was worth a thought**


Please forgive me for not replying to comments in a timely manner.
That old me is still trying to break her way out.
(oh the new employee?? she has strep throat.... sigh)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Its ahhhhhl coming together (I hope)

I finally hired an employee that is going to work out SO great for coming over and helping me out. She is going to 1) cut fabric 2) count ahhhhs 3) handle all my reciepts/expenses (yuck stuff) 4) teach Stephen preschool...

yes for real she is! She runs a preschool and as it is winding down she has nothing to do for the summer. Her youngest child is 15 and that daughter will also be coming to help cut fabric.

I am so so excited that I might be able to first sleep, then sew! *grin*

Oh I also have a very wonderful friend, who does way too much to help me and I dont think I could function without her help, working on the website. She has the ahhhhs almost all set up!!! I will announce it the minute I get a chance!!!

Ahhhh 27 Flying the Coop

(first one colored by Bea's son)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hillbilly Anniversary Fixin's

Today my husband and I marked our 5th anniversary. Wow what a milestone! **chuckle**

Hey it is for us! He could have just up and gave up but he is sticking around for awhile at least. Actually he hasnt felt good at all the last few days. (like worse than his normal not feeling good.) You all know I watch him like a hawk.

Today we were so exciting on our anniversary. We celebrated by buying a can of these:

I know, isnt it exciting??!
Flour anything is a no no around here, so this was a treat.
Yep a really big fancy anniversary brunch.
(My husband wont admit it but I am slowly converting him from Texan to Missouri Ozark Hillbilly).

After our wonderful Anniversary brunch guess what we did?
Jerry, Stephen and I all laid down and took a 3 hour nap.
I've been exhausted (as usual) from juggling everything, so I took the day off. 
Jerry has been home sick from work.
And Stephen, well, I guess he knew we needed sleep so he slept too! 

As a little gift for my husband I worked on a Stephen blog post tonight. I havent written one of those in so long! I love writing his posts. Tonight,s was just kind of a 'catch up' post, but in a day or two I will write up an adventure. You can find his blog by clicking over there ------------->>> 
where it says "stephen's own blog". He only has 16 followers. He would love a few more he said.


I am way way way behind in my work. I felt bad taking off today. I have yet another employee coming to interview this weekend. I sure hope she works out. I wanted to back off the fabric and devote to the ahhhs but the fabric pays the meds and the bread and butter. I love that my husband can not feel like he has to go to work because he might miss a day of pay. The fabric covers that. So, I continue as I have. Always behind. Always.
Praying at least that gets better soon. I really need it to.

Well pop over and check out Stephen's blog. I need to say my prayers and thank God for my husband and our Anniversary milestone!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Borderline Insane...Ahhhh 26

So I am pretty sure the paper piecing group named this after me, but I will still go with it.

Borderline Insane
difficulty: Advanced (itty bitty parts!!)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Granny's Spring Tonic

Ha! made ya look! But that is seriously what I named this ahhhh. It is originally a seven sisters variation of course and we have had it before so I had to get creative. You know why I am so proud of this? Because I actually spent some time coming up with something. That is like ME time. LOL I think there might even be some old ME showing herself here!

I knew it were a perfect name as I thought I best send you a video to help you commence ta understand. And lookie here! Yes siree!! I reckon it was meant to be!

Granny's Spring Tonic
Level: Advanced