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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pie and Ice Cream!

Once again I had a great time choosing a name for this one. One person suggested "pen pals" in keeping with the theme from the last ahhh -- Ozark Natives. Then another said "Faith, Hope, and Love"; which is a cute name. But I think the winner has to be the one that thought this looked like pie and ice cream. I showed it to Jerry and he didn't 'see' it but perhaps when one says 'pie and ice cream' he wants real pie and ice cream! Since he isn't allowed that anymore I guess he'll have to just enjoy watching his wife sew some up :)

Pie and Ice Cream
Level: beginner

If you get a free moment, perhaps you can drop a line to Paper and tell them thank you for bringing these to us each week. I am sure they would appreciate it!


Belinda said...

I'm hungry. I want some pie and ice cream!!

elliek said...

I'm with Jerry, real pie and ice cream. However I think this looks like a good one... easy after some of the others. That pathways I did a lot of unsewing. Silly me didn't look at the instructions!!!!

Patty@Granma's said...

What kind of pie does Jerry like and why can't he have it?
There are recipes out there that have the taste of pie but avoid the sugars, or fats, or acids, depending on the issue.
I've done a few restricted diets and have a couple of friends that cook in hospital and nursing home kitchens - maybe we could find something he could enjoy?!

Snoodles said...

I'm in the same boat as Jerry, not many pies or icecream varieties that I can sample....Boo.
Love your hexies! xox

happymrs said...

Glad you liked my suggestion, & thank you for choosing it! I keep trying to post here & it doesn't show up, so am trying again!