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Friday, March 1, 2013

Ozark Native

Today's Ahhhh is actually yesterday's ahhhh and I'll explain tomorrow (or later today) why I am a day late. But first I just needed to get it out to you!!!

This one seemed to be quite a challenge to name but my friend Jill came through with the perfect name.

Ozark Native
(named because it looks like twin teepees).

This is your last ahhhh for the month of February. This weekend I will be weighing them and invoicing those of you in the clubs. So watch for it!

Oh, I almost forgot again!!!
Here are the colored versions from Bea and May:


beaquilter said...

can't wait to get this batch!!

krisgray said...

cute - like this one, too!

elliek said...

A nice easy one after the little pieces of the spinning star!Looking forward to getting this lot.