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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great ahhhhhs for your viewing pleasure!

Give me just a few days to update the ahhhh page, I am working on a new shopping cart check out for those of you wanting to purchase ahhhhs.
I will let you know the minute it is finshed but it will not be this week.
I have sold very little fabric this week, so next week I can set aside the time to make the shopping cart function properly. No more waiting on me to invoice. Just buy, then me click and ship!

(and for those of you that hate facebook..the fabric will be moving there as well!)

no 19 Tilt A Whirl 
Level Intermediate

No 20: Inspiration Point
Level: Advanced

Below are random colorings for several designs.
Bea actually posted a tutorial last week and I forgot to link it up.
I will this weekend, it will give you something new to do!


Belinda said...

Wow! I'm honored that you would choose my meager offering as another name for one of your amazing Ahhhs. :)
You rock. Hillbilly Rock. Rock Around the Clock. Jailhouse Rock. Rock On.

Robin said...

Awesome Ahhhhs! I haven't tried any of mine yet....I am undecided as to fabric choices! But after seeing some of them done in solids I think I might go with that ;)

elliek said...

That tilt a whirl looks like the radiation symbol to me. Will have to make very careful colour choices. I love them both. You are a very clever person.Hugs to you all

estetik said...

The adjustment is abundantly written. I acquire bookmarked you for befitting beside with your new posts.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I love geometric patterns. I hope you have been selling some quilts!

abraham sen said...

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