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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ahhhh 24: The Hidden Star

I have spent the last week trying to find help to set up my website so that I can have the ahhhs ready to purchase easier without me having to invoice, etc. I did a lot of reviews and decided BigCommerce was the way to go for me. Their integrated facebook app being one reason. (meaning I could have an outside website but still feed it through to the facebook group.) ( I spent the last month attempting to work with it.)

OY this website thingie:  it is NOT dummy friendly. Finally today in desparation I googled bigcommerce web design help and found several companies dedicated to just that. Hmmmm...

Well, since I have already purchased a website and a new domain name I have emails in to the big arm and leg companies. Everyone hold your breath that it wont cost me quite that much get it set up; because I guess it is going to be necessary. In the meantime, I guess this month you have to deal with me invoicing you again. Look for them late Sunday or late Monday night since I was supposed to do them today but fought with the website instead.

As soon as I post this I will update the ahhhh page with each ahhhh and the cost in case some of  you just want to try a couple. Hopefully next month we will be able to do the easier shopping cart system. sigh.


Todays Ahhhh is really interesting. It is a Paper Pieces design and it is full of possibilities. When one looks at it they might first see three fish eating out of the top of the bowl, as suggested by Jen, or perhaps awareness ribbons as suggested by Amber. 

My friend Jill likes to really think them out so she sat down with her colored pencils and colored them out and came up with this and I quote:

Three Sisters. I just saw the teepee the three sisters are corn, beans and squash to the American Indian The sustainers of life. The Indians were thought to have planted a fish with each seed. If we all forget about fish there is a six pointed star in the center. When I drew this out and colored it in the fish disappeared and the star appeared and Tonya's original design was intact. I was left with 6 hexagons, a six pointed star and 6 diamonds

So can you see the star? While I have several that color these, none colored the star right out, so I copied Jills penciled version for you to see:

There it is! So really this is just a variation of Ahhhh 1: the Pointing star!

Here are some great examples for you to try whether you want a star, a fish, or just something that makes everyone say ahhhh.


Linda said...

This Ahh kinda blows my mind a little. lol In a good way, of course! hahaha

Patty@Granma's said...

Tonya - the Ahhhhs are amazing!
My web designer is Gone Country Graphics - a great lady working out of her home 'somewhere' in Nebraska. She has designed lots of quilt/craft sites and been working for me 6 years! She might be able to help - and her prices are very reasonable!!

elliek said...

wow! Good luck with the web thingy. I am totally inept so I admire you trying all these things.

The Thriving Thrifter said...

Help!! I have a question that's not related to this post, but I'd love your expert opinion.

We had guests over the weekend. I went to change the sheets this morning and found one guest had spilled coffee on my very light-colored quilt. I was sick! Any suggestions on how best to get coffee out of a light-colored quilt without damaging the quilt?

Thanks heaps for your help!