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Friday, February 15, 2013

Why the weekends?

Stephen is very sick again. Running 103 fevers. Face as red as red can be. Chills. No appetite. Not sleeping.  He just started getting it last night and didnt sleep (thus no blog) then got way worse as the day went today. Why do these things always happen on the weekend. So if I do take him to a doc tomorrow we have a choice of a 40 mile drive to an urgent care or a 1 mile drive to an ER. Ya, worth the extra money to me too. Forget the 80 mile round trip drive with a sick kid!


As the Ahhhhs are quickly taking off, I would like to remind you of the Ahhhh flikr pool. I am in no position right now to be able to read blogs and will miss them if you post them to your blog, so if you could put them in the flikr pool that would be GREAT! Thank you. We have over 30 monthly members in our first month. Lots of Ahhhhspiration coming.


I will add the newest ahhhhs to the page this weekend so that you may purchase them individually. I was hoping to tonight but I am sitting here in the dark with my sick boy a few feet from me tossing around restlessly; better not make any plans tonight other than some cuddles


I have a giveaway coming next week. Two in fact! Totally non Ahhhh related even. You NON paper piecing folks will love them!


The latest Ahhhh is named by May. She and Bea also did all of the coloring. If you do not follow Beas blog, you should! She has already passed me up and has made more Ahhhhs than I (at least this go around).

Friendship Star


The boy is up coughing and sick again, gotta go!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I use to give my kids an alchohol bath for fevers - half rubbing alchohol and half tepid water and use a wash clothe to wipe them down. then some Vicks vapo-rub - a little on the chest with a warm washcloth across and a little on the forehead. Hope he feels better.

krisgray said...

So sorry Stephen is sick again - poor lil' guy. Hope he feels better soon. Hope the trip to the doc means that you can all get some rest tonight.

And, I remember getting the alcohol rub down and Vick's treatments that Sharon mentioned when I was a kid!

beaquilter said...

he he :-) well about the PP, I'm working on #9 this weekend, kind of afraid of #10....
I actually did EPP on a bible BOW too- not done yet though

BTW you showed the snowball too AND where's the link to the flikr group?

QuiltSue said...

Poor Stephen. I hope he gets well soon.

Snoodles said...

Praying for Stephen and for you....I recall Sharon's idea working well for our kiddos. Warm hugs, my friend!

Christine M said...

I hope Stephen gets better soon. Sending you both hugs. Christine xx

elliek said...

Hope Stephen feels better soon. ( and you manage some sleep) love the AHHH's