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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spinning Star

I know it is white in a lot of areas, but it is very white here in Hillbilly country too. My little one and I had to get out and shovel today. I think maybe if I get my act in gear he can start blogging again. How about that you Stephen fans? I miss his posts too!


I had someone ask why the ahhhs are not numbered the same. I will answer that again. The original ahhhhs that I posted were numbered here on the blog. Then, when Paper Pieces started helping me out with the papers, I handed over to them which Ahhhhs would be released when. (I only know a couple of weeks before you which ahhhs are going to be released!). For inventory purposes I had to start renumbering them from the beginning. We have done several of the original ahhhhs over again; these will not have the original number. Hope this clears up confusion!


It is almost the end of the ahhhh month. Invoices will go out this coming weekend.


Today's ahhhh was named by a member of the paper piecing group on facebook. Well I guess all are named by that group but I didnt get permission to post her name so I wont. We sure have fun naming these.

Spinning Star
Difficulty: Advanced 


beaquilter said...

can't wait for this one too! I'm doing the other star one again, I think it was #4??? I guess you GOTTA send some Ahhhhs soon so I have NEW ones :-) I forgot to send pics of these or new ones?

elliek said...

All those tiny pieces! Eeekk. I keep getting told how insane I am for doing these!That's okay, if this makes me insane then I'll be happy and insane.Two more to go before I finish the first 10.

Natasha said...

Cannot wait for this one! I have some ideas on how I want it to look.

Belinda said...

Looking forward to some stories from Stephen!!

Snoodles said...

Wow! Looks complicated! Looking forward to hearing from Stephen! :)