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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

speedy post!

It is 3:15 am and I still have to inventory all my fabric for a MEGA sale at Ozark Fabric. All ahhh shipments will have to wait until Thursday so that today can be devoted to the sale.

Some have asked where the new Ahhhhs are on the price page, just give me until Thursday for them as well and I will get it updated. Here is one of your ahhhhs for this week:

Stepping Stones

A super easy one for you!
Ok, be back soon, time to count fabric!


Natasha said...

Take your time with the Ahhhh's, fabric to create the Ahhhh's is more important!

Looking forward to the sale.

elliek said...

I do like a simple AHHH. Take your time ... I am only on the second one! Just love the way they go together.