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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How about some random rambles??(includes ahhhs)

70 degrees last Monday then down to zero by friday, 65 yesterday and struggling to hit 40 today.

Oh my gosh that was horrible many seconds of it were you able to tolerate? Ha!

I took Stephen to his new preschool/daycare today and on the way he just threw fits so I told him that all little boys have to go to school until they are 5 (we homeschool but ALL of my children go AWAY for preschool!!!) and he said "But I am 5 NOW" I told him that I am sorry I missed two of his birthdays!  He finally resigned himself to his fate and said, "Fine then I will just make a pretty picture to bring home." This was not said nicely. LOL love my boy!


The Moda war--Moda hates me and my fabric shop. Now before I go on I need to tell you that I am in full support of LQS shops (and Hobby Lobby).

 With the exception of In the Beginning Fabrics, all I bring in are closeouts.(but may change that a bit to bring in some unusual lines such as Dear Stella and Anthologie)  We really are in  need of some notions--I especially wanted Sewline Glue pens for kits, etc. and we are doing a quilt along and need Add a quarter rulers. Many of my customers are not from the states and they have a harder time finding these items.

 Moda refuses me an account because I sell via facebook. So several of my buyers went to their facebook page and said that it is wrong of them to discriminate my selling platform. A flood of comments ensued which Moda removed (because I do have almost 1100 members in my fabric group..they got lots of comments.)
Today some lady posted that she is glad Moda supports Brick and Mortar shops and will not sell to online only shops. (I tell you Missouri Star Quilt Company is mainly an Online shop. They do have a store, but it is for sure more an online shop. I like them too--just using them as an example.) So, someone else commented below this lady asking why is it not acceptable to support a WAHM? (work at home mom). And you know, she is right. I do support LQS shops! The majority of my buyers are dress makers and they dont buy quilting fabric!
So from this day forward, I WILL NOT buy MODA. And as soon as a replacement is found for the glue pens, I will not purchase them either.


My husband is feeling ok. He will always have ups and downs from now on. We are excited that Tuesday he has a day off work, no doc appointments and Stephen will be at school. We are trying to figure out where to go eat...the limited diet makes it hard. Speaking of diet, want to see my husbands breakfast and bed time snack?


Are you ready for some ahhhs? sorry I didnt post on Tuesday. Just a busy week cutting fabric trying to make up for sick little boy time off.

Ruby's Cube:
ahhhh 11
(ruby is in the monthly club!)

Ol Matt's Lantern
Ahhhh 12
(name adapted from a suggestion by Natasha Spicer)

and finally some new various colorings:


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Good for you! I am using up what Moda I have in the house and then no more - I am tired of the horrible cuts and much flawed fabrics in their pre-cuts. There are LOTS of fabric lines to keep me happy.

Ruby Lynn Schmer said...

Sadness that Moda has decided to discriminated against your business platform. As it is "RAN" out of a brick and mortar building, just offered through the cyber space to the world.

Agree that manufacturers are running their seconds or slightly flawed fabrics through the precut lines. The charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls and honey buns are getting terrible acrossed the board.

Now I feel honored to have an Ahhhh named after me. lol And our Matthew who like Jerry has had a bad health year got a Lantern to keep his Faith in God and walk the Path.

Huggers Dear Friend! <3 Ruby

Natasha said...

I did not make it a minute on that video. I only made it that long as I thought it had to get better. NOPE!

So, if you have someone come to your house to buy fabric...would you be considered a brick and mortar store? I would think they would want to have their product out where everyone can get them.

Wonderful NAMES on the Ahhhh's. I am patiently waiting for my first batch to arrive so I can get started.

KatieQ said...

They're full of baloney. There are actually lots of online only shops that sell Moda. I think it is the Facebook format they don't like. I'm glad you have lots of loyal customers that will stick with you no matter what lines you are selling.

Snoodles said...

Whoohooo! Have fun on hubby's day off! :)

Rhonda M said...

That is just so weird. Their minimum first purchase is really, really expensive, but then there is no annual amount you must reach after that. When I opened my online shop, I contacted several major companies, including Marcus, RJR, Red Rooster, and Moda. They did not have a problem at all with me selling on line, or even having a Facebook page to promote my little shop, but did require that minimum first purchase. I cannot afford to buy that much right up front, so have never gone that route. I have to admit that it is still my favorite --- Fig Tree Quilts, 3 Sisters, and especially Kansas Troubles. Perhaps if you tried to contact someone again and talk to a different representative you would get a different answer. There are definitely other good fabric lines out there. Regardless, it seems that your fabric adventure is really going well for you and I am so happy for you!

elliek said...

Life throws us curly ones! I don't buy a lot of Moda but will think twice before buying now. Waiting on my AHHH's.. will I ever catch up. Enjoy your day with hubby.

PamsPretties57 said...

Hiya Tonya!!! Sorry that you had so much trouble with Moda, but it's best to leave them alone. It's not worth the headache with some things.
Glad Jerry is feeling better. My breakfast and bedtime 'snacks' aren't quite as much as his, but I'm getting there, lol. Have a wonderful day with him, those times are important.
Be sure and show us Stephen's beautiful picture.
Got my first package of Ahhhhs and am looking forward to working on them.
Take care, my dear, blessed be, hugs!!!

pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

Pokey said...

So much posted, how cool!
*A day not filled with the sick, hospital, no sleep...whatEvEr will you do?!? I hope it's filled with smiles and love!!
*I have watched plenty of those kind of videos in my day...and don't you know you'll treasure any little doodle Stephen brings home this week?
*Sorry for the work problems with Moda. You know there are so many other companies out there with great fabric, you will still have many beautiful pieces to offer, so, no regrets!
*I received my first packet of bitty pp, I hope to find time to play...thank you for the fun in an envelope ~
hugs, pokey