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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coloring pages...

I am so glad that others like to color these up for me. Here are some spinning star photos for you to enjoy:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spinning Star

I know it is white in a lot of areas, but it is very white here in Hillbilly country too. My little one and I had to get out and shovel today. I think maybe if I get my act in gear he can start blogging again. How about that you Stephen fans? I miss his posts too!


I had someone ask why the ahhhs are not numbered the same. I will answer that again. The original ahhhhs that I posted were numbered here on the blog. Then, when Paper Pieces started helping me out with the papers, I handed over to them which Ahhhhs would be released when. (I only know a couple of weeks before you which ahhhs are going to be released!). For inventory purposes I had to start renumbering them from the beginning. We have done several of the original ahhhhs over again; these will not have the original number. Hope this clears up confusion!


It is almost the end of the ahhhh month. Invoices will go out this coming weekend.


Today's ahhhh was named by a member of the paper piecing group on facebook. Well I guess all are named by that group but I didnt get permission to post her name so I wont. We sure have fun naming these.

Spinning Star
Difficulty: Advanced 

Monday, February 25, 2013

A winner and another giveaway!

Generator  32
I am one of these clueless people when it comes to computer related know-how. So to show you the above I copied and pasted. I am kind of shocked that it worked, but it did! Marla's Crafts: I don't know you so we will need to be in touch to get your address. I hope you enjoy Carl's book!
Months and months ago when I first started Hexies and knew that just normal hexagons was NOT for me I started designing those crazy Ahhhhhs. Then, I started searching for the perfect fabric. To me, the perfect fabric was something that created a kaleidoscope affect when fussy cut just right. First I set my sites on Jinny Beyer. But then, I discovered Jason Yenter.

 It immediately became my mission to get my hands on some, and really, (besides the fact my husband was lying in a hospital bed and we needed food on the table) was the reason I started a fabric business. I wanted some so badly, and I wanted it for Ahhhh kits.

So, I did a pre-buy. I found there were many that loved it as much as I, although most in my fabric group had never heard of Jason Yenter or In the Beginning Fabric before.

That first pre-buy was of the Deco fabric line. I actually sold off most of what I had saved for kits but I do still have some around and am making a few ahhhs out of it. (I will share when I have a completed project.)

I am anxiously awaiting a new line. Oh not just me. Many are anxiously awaiting Mr. Yenter's newest line of fabric. I mean look at some of these prints:

And waiting have we been doing. Waiting and waiting and waiting.
It was supposed to be here already, and as yet it is not even on the way.

BUT...guess what?
I did get a few of these in stock:

Oh sorry, you can't buy one from me.
You see, Mr Yenter was so kind to sign my entire shipment of them. Ya, they sold out in minutes.
But he did something else too. He made sure I had a couple of copies just to give away :)

Would you like one? I will give one of the SIGNED copies away this week. Comments close on Friday.
The other copy...I am awaiting a later date :)

As for the fabric...I suppose we will TRY to wait patiently...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting it together!!

I just updated the Ahhhhs: find them HERE page. All the newest ones are included. I am so excited to have spent the afternoon getting my ahhhhhhhct (ahhh act) in gear. So fun!

To answer a couple of questions:

1) What is an ahhhh?
Why an Artistic, Hexotic, Hectic Hillbilly Hexagon of course!

2) Am I going to have project ideas?
Do you know how many I have drawn out? Yes! Give me time. I am working on shifting that Ahhhh focus :)

3) Can you order anytime or just once a month?
Any time! I send them out whenever you like. The monthly clubs just get a discount. Just click on the ahhh find them here button ^^^ right up top!

4) Where can I see finished ones?
Flikr! Click on the little Flikr button ----------->> on the side wall!

5) Who won Carl's book?
Ha, I will tell you TOMORROW  when I announce ANOTHER book giveaway!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Change is good!

Time is up for the giveaway. Since it is late and I was up the last two nights working I will draw the winner later. I just could not sleep without telling you all


that there were no ahhhhs this week. I had the flu then I had to play catch up. And then, one night I was so so discouraged. In fact I have been for awhile and I think most everyone in the fabric shop can tell. So, one sweet person and I sat up chatting late...and you know...she finally got it into my thick skull...that the AHHHS and my Blog should come first!

For months everything in life seems to get pushed behind the fabric shop. It eats at my every hour. It chisles away my family time, self time, sleep time.

So, change is coming folks. From henceforth, the AHHHHs come before the fabric. AND, there will be less fabric. I am sorry friends. I know you LOVE buying new stuff everyday, fighting over who is the biggest hoarder. But, we will all be FINE. I will still list fabric every week. Just not every day of every week.

I need a break. My helpers need a break. And my Ahhhh's need me. Even more my family needs me.

So, here is the deal. I am not going to backtrack and give you those two ahhhs we skipped. Why? well we had 10 in January and if we have 6 in February then that evens us back to 8.

And from now on, Ahhhs get priority shipping over you all fabric people. It just does. Every single day.

So this weekend...I am not cutting fabric. I am counting Ahhhhs. An entire months worth. And I might even sew some up.

And...I mostly will be laying my head down to finally sleep after missing two nights sleep. I will be doing that in about 30 seconds...

Dreaming of all those great ahhhs I get to make with the new changes! Wait til you see the projects I've been drawing up.

And May, thank you. Thank you for listening and encouraging me to make the decision Less Fabric Shop, More Ahhhh/Blog.

I have missed blogland so much. And I think everyone knows I LOVE to teach.

Hillbilly is making a comeback...I feel it!

zzzzzzzzzzzz ahhhhhhhh zzzzzzzzzzzzz ahhhhhhhhhhh zzzzzzzzzzzz ahhhhhh

Monday, February 18, 2013

Meeting friends and a giveaway!

When I started this blog journey, I had one friend that found me via who knows what. She is an artist, a writer, a friend for sure. She has always had an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on. She has been the strongest voice in encouraging me. Her name is Pat, and she has two blogs. Her newest blog is a breakaway from her art blog and includes her short stories. Have a visit to read one of her latest stories RIGHT HERE.
Tell her hello and thanks for being there for me for so long and through so much!


When life turned crazy upside down for me and the fabric business took off like a rocket, I met so so many new friends. One of the people I have been honored to meet is Carl Henstch of 3 Dog Design Co. He is a talented quilter/pattern designer. You have probably seen his name in various quilting magazines.

A bit about Carl:

Carl's 'crafty' history begins at the age of 10 when he embroidered a quilt for his newborn niece (with a little help from mom!). As his niece grew, Carl designed and created a dress for her!

Next, thanks to an Aunt, Christmas time and the Air Force he discovered knitting. (How do those all go together? well get his book, read his bio and find out!)

Finally, Carl would watch Quilt in a Day on PBS. After seeing Eleanor's son on the show, he knew he could quilt too. Quilting is not just for ladies!

He dappled in it a bit until get this...He settled in Missouri and rediscovered his love for quilting...HA gotta love us Mo Folk!
(although Mr. Hentsch is quite from NORTHERN Mo and I am sure he says he is not kin to us Hillbilly folk, but come on..from Mo is from Mo, you know??!!)

Carl's newest publication is a book full of strip pieced designs:

And I have a copy for one of you.
Even better, it is author signed by the man himself!!


Giveaway is open until Friday midnight Central time
Mr. Random will draw a winner on Saturday.

Duplicates will be deleted.
Thank you.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Why the weekends?

Stephen is very sick again. Running 103 fevers. Face as red as red can be. Chills. No appetite. Not sleeping.  He just started getting it last night and didnt sleep (thus no blog) then got way worse as the day went today. Why do these things always happen on the weekend. So if I do take him to a doc tomorrow we have a choice of a 40 mile drive to an urgent care or a 1 mile drive to an ER. Ya, worth the extra money to me too. Forget the 80 mile round trip drive with a sick kid!


As the Ahhhhs are quickly taking off, I would like to remind you of the Ahhhh flikr pool. I am in no position right now to be able to read blogs and will miss them if you post them to your blog, so if you could put them in the flikr pool that would be GREAT! Thank you. We have over 30 monthly members in our first month. Lots of Ahhhhspiration coming.


I will add the newest ahhhhs to the page this weekend so that you may purchase them individually. I was hoping to tonight but I am sitting here in the dark with my sick boy a few feet from me tossing around restlessly; better not make any plans tonight other than some cuddles


I have a giveaway coming next week. Two in fact! Totally non Ahhhh related even. You NON paper piecing folks will love them!


The latest Ahhhh is named by May. She and Bea also did all of the coloring. If you do not follow Beas blog, you should! She has already passed me up and has made more Ahhhhs than I (at least this go around).

Friendship Star


The boy is up coughing and sick again, gotta go!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

speedy post!

It is 3:15 am and I still have to inventory all my fabric for a MEGA sale at Ozark Fabric. All ahhh shipments will have to wait until Thursday so that today can be devoted to the sale.

Some have asked where the new Ahhhhs are on the price page, just give me until Thursday for them as well and I will get it updated. Here is one of your ahhhhs for this week:

Stepping Stones

A super easy one for you!
Ok, be back soon, time to count fabric!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How about some random rambles??(includes ahhhs)

70 degrees last Monday then down to zero by friday, 65 yesterday and struggling to hit 40 today.

Oh my gosh that was horrible many seconds of it were you able to tolerate? Ha!

I took Stephen to his new preschool/daycare today and on the way he just threw fits so I told him that all little boys have to go to school until they are 5 (we homeschool but ALL of my children go AWAY for preschool!!!) and he said "But I am 5 NOW" I told him that I am sorry I missed two of his birthdays!  He finally resigned himself to his fate and said, "Fine then I will just make a pretty picture to bring home." This was not said nicely. LOL love my boy!


The Moda war--Moda hates me and my fabric shop. Now before I go on I need to tell you that I am in full support of LQS shops (and Hobby Lobby).

 With the exception of In the Beginning Fabrics, all I bring in are closeouts.(but may change that a bit to bring in some unusual lines such as Dear Stella and Anthologie)  We really are in  need of some notions--I especially wanted Sewline Glue pens for kits, etc. and we are doing a quilt along and need Add a quarter rulers. Many of my customers are not from the states and they have a harder time finding these items.

 Moda refuses me an account because I sell via facebook. So several of my buyers went to their facebook page and said that it is wrong of them to discriminate my selling platform. A flood of comments ensued which Moda removed (because I do have almost 1100 members in my fabric group..they got lots of comments.)
Today some lady posted that she is glad Moda supports Brick and Mortar shops and will not sell to online only shops. (I tell you Missouri Star Quilt Company is mainly an Online shop. They do have a store, but it is for sure more an online shop. I like them too--just using them as an example.) So, someone else commented below this lady asking why is it not acceptable to support a WAHM? (work at home mom). And you know, she is right. I do support LQS shops! The majority of my buyers are dress makers and they dont buy quilting fabric!
So from this day forward, I WILL NOT buy MODA. And as soon as a replacement is found for the glue pens, I will not purchase them either.


My husband is feeling ok. He will always have ups and downs from now on. We are excited that Tuesday he has a day off work, no doc appointments and Stephen will be at school. We are trying to figure out where to go eat...the limited diet makes it hard. Speaking of diet, want to see my husbands breakfast and bed time snack?


Are you ready for some ahhhs? sorry I didnt post on Tuesday. Just a busy week cutting fabric trying to make up for sick little boy time off.

Ruby's Cube:
ahhhh 11
(ruby is in the monthly club!)

Ol Matt's Lantern
Ahhhh 12
(name adapted from a suggestion by Natasha Spicer)

and finally some new various colorings:

Friday, February 1, 2013

My poor little one and Ahhhh 10

Stephen has been one sick little boy for days now. Here is a quick photo I took with my phone of him doing something he would not normally do in the middle of the day!

Something like this is much more his style:

He's been to visit a doc and has meds for his flu type B so he'll be back to normal soon. I did venture out with him on Monday or so. Whatever day it was 70 degrees. That was necessary since it was an unusual heat front. Today it is like 9 degrees, so you see why it was necessary! He didn't feel like playing on the playground at the state park so we just went and threw rocks in the lake and sat and enjoyed the sun together. Just him and I. That was pretty special to me!

Yesterday was Stephen's roughest day yet so the ahhhh had to wait until today.
It was named by a member of the paper piecing group. I've not asked if I can share her name so I wont.
She chose a great name:


And from Bea and May: