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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The new Ahhh 3: The Patchwork Prism

Ok, so I am here to tell you that naming these are the absolute hardest part of the job!

This is an easy difficulty level. 
I'll post the price on the new Ahhh's 4 Sale page soon.


I need to answer a few FAQ's...

1) These all measure 3" on a side.

2) These will soon be sold as paper pieces. All cut up and ready to use IN your project. They are not plastic templates. Each can be used a couple of times but they are considered disposable.

3) I am going to have different purchasing programs and I promised to have that for you this week. The week isn't over yet thank goodness! You will be able to purchase from here on the blog or from the fabric group. There will be several options available.

4) I will show these finished with fabric just as soon as I can. I have them all basted. I will TRY to get them this week but no promises. I know a visual diagram is much better and I will give every effort to get to them. Trust me it is not by choice that I have not gotten to finish them. I am using some fabulous fabric by Jason Yenter for mine. 

5) I will do a recap on how to use the Paper Pieces next week; complete with illustrations. You can start reading now by looking at the English Paper Piecing tab up top of this page.

6) I will eventually show setting options as well. Just give me another week or two.


On the homefront, Jerry is not feeling well (worse in fact). He is going to try to switch all his docs from Liberty to KU. It is such a long drive but he was very impressed with his gi doc visit last week.
 Stephen is sick, his baby sitter is sick (last week and this no babysitter at all..which is just 8 hours a week but that is alot of time to me!) so last night I had to work all night; and I've not gotten to pick up that needle and thread yet.
 I am not sick. I feel great! I just want to work on my Ahhhs.

My birthday is coming up. I asked my husband if he wanted to take the little guy to a hotel room with a pool for my birthday (and leave me home.) 
And he thought I was kidding....


Natasha said...

So looking forward to starting the Ahhhs!

Um, I would love it if my husband took the kids to a hotel for my birthday. I will have to steal this idea!

Linda said...

This one looks cool! Can't wait to see it in those Ahhmazing Yenter fabrics :) Why can't I remember your bday? I'm brain dead, that's way! lol Please text it to me dear friend :) I've been collecting a few things for ya ((hugs))

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

How do I order the Ahhs? I am

Belinda said...

I'm anxious to see these in fabric. :)

Pat said...

Sorry to hear Jerry is worse and that Stephen is sick too. Hugs to both.

and I hope your birthday wish comes true! :) xx

elliek said...

Sorry sickness is back in your house. prayers still coming your way. Love the last two hexies.
They just don't get it about being happy to be left for a few hours on your own do they? Hope that you have a good birthday anyway when it gets to you.
Popping something in the post for you today, hope this one gets to you. Hugs

Snoodles said...

Good to hear from you, and I hope you get your birthday gift! Praying for all of you, that health will return... Hugs!