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Monday, January 28, 2013

The face of Innocence?

Face of Innocence?

I think NOT!!!

I am so angry I could just just vent.
Above papers were all counted except the last pieces.
They are now discarded. (well not really, I will keep them for me to use.)


Stephen is a sick little boy. I am typing this at 4:00 am because he cannot sleep due to fever. Once the tylenol kicked in he found some energy. So while he jumps on the couch I thought I would just share my thoughts. Many say to keep personal away from business, and since I am now selling my Ahhhhs and the fabric I feel like I can't blog personal but that is not fair. I never see other adults so I have to have an outlet somewhere, right?

I had this great plan. I'd put Stephen in daycare on Tues and Thurs. 
Tuesdays I would cut fabric. (I cut only once a week for customers.) 
And Thursdays I would count ahhhs and when I catch up, sew some ahhhh samples.

But my plan has gone all bad. Last week on Tuesday I had to get Stephen a checkup so half that day was lost. Then Thursday we were at the hospital all day for outpatient procedures. Then this week Stephen will for sure will not go on Tuesday and maybe Thursday.

So much for my great plan of FINALLY catching up; FINALLY sleeping again; FINALLY finding a moment to breathe. This week is going to be double tough because I am up all night with him tonight; ahhhhs are not done so that will be an all night tomorrow; and fabric is supposed to be done on Tuesdays. I will sleep Tues though and put that off until Wednesday.
I am just inner thought rambling here trying to figure out my schedule for the week. I don't know why I do that. If my boy pulls what he is tonight there wont be middle of the night working. Silly me!


Due to above stated craziness, and the fact that I cannot take my sick boy to the post office I cannot send out ahhhh invoices today. Trust me, I have fretted, stressed, paced over this. I don't even have them all counted yet! I may send your first bunch to give you something to work with and send the other ones as soon as they are packaged. I'll pay shipping on the second batch.
Yes, brilliant idea, that is what I will do!!
Oh what a relief I talked that out to myself. I can even sleep tomorrow night now. Thank you brain!
(wow so relieved...)


Well my boy is winding down and needs mommy cuddles.
Oh one last thing...the person who made my blog button removed it and I didn't even know. So I'll be putting a new one up with my new logo. I'll do that tomorrow.


Christine M said...

Hang in there Tonya. I hope Stephen gets better soon. I'm sure things will start to work out soon for you. Hugs, Christine.

Angie said...

When it rains it pours.

I have no idea how you function-you put the rest of us mere mortals to shame.

Praying the little guy gets better quickly!

Dorian said...

Hugs Tonya, it will all work out. Be prepared for Stephen bringing home lots of 'bugs' though. Preschool tends to do that. Take care.

Pat said...

Hope Stephen recovers quickly and you get your schedule back on track.

and that little face is just GORGEOUS!

I know what you mean about blogging and personal ones - I just made a second so as not to clutter up my watercolour one. We'll see how that works!

beaquilter said...

awwww. baaad doggie.i have lots of doggies stories:)

KatieQ said...

My prayer for you is to get some sleep. Hope Stephen is feeling better soon. Life with a sick toddler is definitely no fun.

Belinda said...

Well of course you can blog personal stuff!!! It's YOUR blog you know. ;)
I hope Stephen is on the mend, and you can get a routine going.

Snoodles said...

Hope Stephen is on the mend now....take care, my friend! Praying that no more doggie play makes your work harder, and that you can get some sleep :)

elliek said...

That rain is just pouring in. Hope Stephen gets better soon and that all works out with day care etc. Get some sleep and things won't look as bad. Take care, friend.

QuiltSue said...

I would say this is YOUR blog, so you talk about whatever YOU want.

Hope Doggie is behaving now and that Stephen is recovering so your life can get back to whatever counts as normal.

Natasha said...

Praying for you and the family.

I don't mind waiting for the Ahhhhh's. I would rather you rest and not feel stressed!

Pokey said...

Take care of yourself dear girl, and lil' steven. . . it's your blog, tell whatever you want!!!

Pat from Florida said...

Steven will grow up to quickly. Take time for family first.

Lot's of quilt shops talk family. Why not you? Feel free. It's your blog.

But, about business, where can I see the Ahhhh club pricing? Thanks.

kcro62 said...

Your blog, your life, we're behind you. We'll wait on the ah s and wait on the don't wait. Try to rest when you can and then do what you can. Life goes to fast, don't let it pass you by.