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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The new Ahhh 2: The Conference Call

Seriously. That is what we named this Ahhhh. I asked my teenage son and that's what he said to name it. 
I asked him where he came up with that name and he said it's a gun in a game. 
Whatever. I like the name. 
So, that's what it is.

Item Number: HClub003
Item Name: Ahhh The Conference Call
Item price: 75 cents
Difficulty level: Beginner


Still waiting on those scales, so I'll post prices by next weeks appearance. I would like to see if I sent just one if I could let it pass in a flat envelope. The USPS postage prices are going up so this would be great if it would. You could be on a 'send one a week' club; and this would work good for my international friends.
(I just worry about them getting bent??!! thoughts?)

About the club deals, after reading feedback and thinking...
I think I'll have a few different options. Some of you want them all.
Some of you are just beginning and there are some that would be overwhelming at first.
Maybe an "I want them all" club
and a "Beginner" club, "Intermediate" club and "Advanced" club?

I am excited and anxious to get going so I might just release 3 next week. 
I don't know. We'll see.
Numbers 4 and 5 are not for beginners...but oh so fun!

I've been gluing some up as I go to show you finished options but have not got to stitch them yet. That is my weekend goal...but first I have hundreds and hundreds of yards of fabric to cut. Literally. I may not get to sew very often but I sure have fun!

Oh and my fabric group is having a jammy sew along Saturday. 
Elastic, Yikes!!


Belinda said...

I'd be interested in the beginner club. How would you invoice that?
And what are the templates made from?
Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Natasha said...

Well, I am going to want them all. But not all at once. I am so excited for this.

beaquilter said...

I'll be in the "I want them all" club :-) do you have them all already? just shove them in my box!!, well don't shove, they might get bent. lol, will be a nice portable project for the car when my daughter has chorus, how many do you have BTW? maybe I should just get one of each? I don't know.... bwaaa

Pokey said...

I think I'd be in the beginner club, too. How do we go about ordering/paying? It looks fun, I'm excited. I wonder if I'd be able to tackle one a week, like a tiny bit of hand sewing? I am NOT a hand stitcher. But I want to try ~

Ruth said...

I'll take them all. Such a treat for you to have done all the work and saved me the effort.

elliek said...

So many things to organise. Love that they are ready to go and I don't think they would get bent if you put them in a flat envelope.Suppose that depends on the size of the envelope though. I manage to bend things when I sew them together so... Think I will be in the category of I want them all! Lets hope that you get some ME sewing time soon.