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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some life stuff, shipping stuff and Ahhhh 8

Took Jerry to get some scopes done today. His Crohns is not behaving very well and as a result we have to go back for another test tomorrow. Never mind that the hospital is 2 hours away and that this is my BIGGEST shipping week ever (thanks to the USPS price increase) and that it is the end of our first Ahhhh month!


Speaking of the end of the Ahhhhh many of you are anxiously awaiting invoices. The only problem is that pesky price increase Sunday at the USPS. That is why I've not been able to quote you exact prices. After this month--not a problem. This month, until Sunday, major problem!
I know some of you are worried about shipping prices but even with the increase I think it will be less than $5 global-wide.(for ahhhh club members).  I cannot guarantee that but it will be close to that I think. I just wont know until Sunday! I am sorry but you have to blame the post office on that one!


If you have requested to be in the one of the Ahhhh clubs if you could kindly comment here (no need to put what club; I have your info)--I need to see that you have read this. Mainly because I am still waiting on zip codes (or country) from some of you. By asking you to comment I will see that you are reading my blog for communication purposes (although I think I'll make an email group of you all from henceforth).


I worked ALL night last night, no sleep.(Ya I know, common but hopefully not starting next week!!!) Only 3 hours sleep the night before. I have to take Jerry to that appt tomorrow. So I am going to post your ahhhh 8 tomorrow night. I actually planned to tell you that I'd write another post now but I think I am dozing at the computer so I will post it tomorrow. Good night!


Sunnybec said...

Hope Jerry is okay, please dont "doze" at the wheel of the car. I am really cross with USPS putting their prices up by so much for International, have to cut back on fabric now! It wont be good news for any business in USA.... people will look for cheaper alternatives. Hugs xx

Belinda said...

Times are tough all over. I keep telling the husband I need to stock up on fabric in case the economy goes bust so I can make our clothes. Ha! But then I'd either have to buy an old treadle machine or do it all by hand. ;)
Good thoughts and prayers for you to get some rest and Jerry to have better result!!

Natasha said...

Careful driving. Can't wait to start the club.

elliek said...

Hope all goes well with Jerry's tests. Prayers on the way as always. Careful driving and like Natasha can't wait for those AHHH's

Robin said...

Hope Jerry is feeling better soon, praying for you both! I'm in one of the monthly clubs :)

squeakie ledman said...

thoughts and prayers

squeakie ledman said...

thoughts and prayers