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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ok, so does this mean my year is going to be CrAzY??

So, yesterday I was very happily working on my new labels for my little Ahhhh packages, when my computer died. Dead. Gone. Forever.

It completely stressed me out because I had a huge flannel sale going on for New Years and those ladies get crazy on me if I don't list new fabric every few hours. They do! Seriously!

So I ran to the city and took the computer to the Best Buy Geek Squad. He did not give me good news to start out the New Year. He told me that it would probably be better for me to buy a new computer than for him to replace the mother board and the hard drive. Yep. Most likely so. Easy for him to say. He has NO CLUE how this stressed me on the inside. But I held it together, and started making phone calls.

My ex husband and his family are all computer geeks (seriously they are proud of it). So, that was my first call. He has a 'few spares floating around' to various family members, but he decided since I use it for Seths schooling and it is basically our income right now, he'd just go buy me a new one. Well, ok then! No arguments and thank you. So I am now the proud owner of an HP something or other that cost $379 at Best Buy--the cheapest that they had. But it works for me! So all of you awaiting your next Ahhhh you need to wave to my ex in thanks.

You also need to wave to K.... at paper pieces because I needed a quick send over of ahhhh photos and she sent it right over. Tomorrow's ahhhh show will go on...but I will not have shipping info for you. Those scales did not come today. Not that it mattered without a computer, huh?


I thought since I had to share that quick update I'd share a family update too.

Jerry is having some crohn's complications. He drove 2 hours to his specialist from KU today. It was a good visit and he's going to have to follow up with some tests. He has so many medical problems that fight each other. He needs some specialized Crohns meds that he cannot have because of his Hep C (that he got from a blood transfusion when he had cancer.) And of course his diabetes is fighting him tooth and nail too. He's weary of not feeling well. But he's working, almost full time. He leaves work early quite often. He had to turn down a promotion until he feels better. Oh and his left arm/hand is worse. That bums him because he can't play guitar and rather than improving, neuropathy is the cause of it getting worse. All in all though he's doing better and can even spend time with Stephen on occasion.

How am I? I am trying to recover from the flu virus (head cold type). Lots of coughing and that kind of fun stuff. I still have not found a needle and thread...just can't get my finger around them. ME time is always LAST on the list to do. It has to be with school and the shop and Jerry and the house. It won't be this way forever and I am ok with it. I get more stressed about the lack of time to school than I do about not having me time.

How are the boys? Stephen is starting to spend more time with his daddy again. It is still a bit touchy because he really became a momma's boy when mom was all he had. His stuttering is much better, he rarely stutters at all anymore. Seth...he needs to do his math homework right now!

Well, I need to get back to loading things onto this new computer. The ahhhh will be a bit late tomorrow but it will be there. I need to sleep first, yawning!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

AHHHHHH, but you are back. Cyber hugs

Pokey said...

Hang in there! Good to hear your news. many hugs, pokey

Sunnybec said...

Glad to see things are improving. Happy New Year! x

beaquilter said...

AHHHH (like someone said) big CYBER hug!! glad you are back

Natasha said...

Hugs and prayers are heading your way!

Belinda said...

Yay! Looks like things are getting a little better. We wouldn't know how to act if there wasn't something stressful going on...heh heh.

Love ya dearie!!

Carla said...

So glad to hear that Jerry is able to work and spend time with the boys.
And Kudos to the Ex for helping out with a computer.

You need to take a "ME" hour now and then. Especially now that there is some sort of resemblance to a more normal life. Said/written with tongue in cheek.
Hugs from Texas